The Parish of Ashwick is situated in the eastern area of the Mendip Hills, 4 miles north of Shepton Mallet, and 6 miles north-east of the Cathedral City of Wells. Ashwick Parish is one of dispersed settlements, with the village of Oakhill being the largest populated area. Smaller hamlets are at Benter and Neighborne and a small cluster of houses close to Ashwick church. The Parish also embraces part of the hamlet of Nettlebridge and part of the village of Gurney Slade.

There are many isolated farmsteads and today, farming is the major economic activity taking place in the Parish.

Ashwick is an ancient settlement dating back to the 9th century, but with much older connections. The Roman road, the Fosse Way, passes along the eastern boundary of the parish and to the west is Maesbury hill fort, a major Iron Age settlement.

The parish contains a network of thriving communities: churches, pubs, a school, farms, small businesses, and many people who choose to live in this beautiful part of the Somerset countryside and commute to nearby towns.

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Sep 16, 2016
Category: General
Posted by: Peter Langmaid

The Beacon Hill Society are having a meeting on Thursday 22nd September at the Waggon and Horses, Old Frome Road, just along from the beacon.   The meeting is at 7pm in the upstairs room (up some steps outside and to the right of the main entrance/front door)

All welcome, member or not, so make a date in your diary, and find out more about the ancient landscape that is Beacon Hill.


Sep 10, 2016
Category: General
Posted by: Peter Langmaid

Ashwick Parish Council.
Clerk: Ms S. Vaillant, Burleigh Cottage, Leigh St, Leigh on Mendip BA3 5QP
01373 812 563;  [email protected]

Members of the council are called to a meeting on Wednesday 14th September 2016 at 7.30pm in the village hall, Oakhill.

The meeting will commence after there has been an opportunity for residents of the parish to speak, in normal circumstances this will be restricted to about 15 minutes in total. A list of Parish Councillors is available from the Clerk.


1.         Apologies
2.         Declarations of Interest & Dispensations
3.         Minutes of meeting held on 13th July 2016 & Matters arising
4.         Presentation by Jeff Curtis, Shepton Mallet United Charities
5.         Somerset County Council Notice of intention to establish a pedestrian crossing (puffin crossing) A37, Gurney Slade
6.         Road Traffic Reg. Act 1984, Temporary Road Closure of Bath Road, Stratton on the Fosse
7.         Suggestion to fund seat in bus shelter opposite the school
8.         Resident enquiry for allotment
9.         District & CountyCouncillors Reports
10.       Planning -  Update on recent planning applications
11.       Finance
i.          Financial Statement
ii.          Clerk’s Salary & Expenses
iii.         Invoice from Tower Mint Ltd (Queen’s birthday coins)
iv.         Payment to British Heart Foundation towards Defibrillator

12.       Matters of Report  -  (Speedwatch, Highways, Footpaths, PCSO, SALC, School, Village Hall)13.       Date of next meeting: Wednesday 12th October 2016, 7.30pm  

S. Vaillant

Jul 29, 2016
Category: General
Posted by: Peter Langmaid

Killer Dog(s)

I regret to report that there has been another dog attack on livestock in the Nettlebridge area, resulting in the death of 2 ewes.   This is the second incident in the same area this year so the dog (or dogs) responsible must be local.      
Dog owners should be aware that farmers have the right to shoot any animal found 'worrying' livestock:   dog owners should keep their animals on a lead when using public footpaths on private fields and not let them run loose, irrespective of whether or not livestock are in the field.
It is possible that the dog(s) involved in the Nettlebridge attacks got out from their homes without the owners being aware, but I personally feel the dog's owner must have an idea of what has happened due to blood etc. on the dog when it returned.
I do not want to have to shoot any dog, so will dog owners please take note.