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Jul 11, 2016

Ashwick PC Meeting - Wednesday 13th July, 7:30pm

Category: General
Posted by: Farmer Pete

Ashwick Parish Council.  Clerk: Ms S. Vaillant, Burleigh Cottage, Leigh St, Leigh on Mendip BA3 5QP

01373 812 563;  [email protected]

Members of the council are called to a meeting on Wednesday 13th July 2016 at 7.30pm in the village hall, Oakhill.

The meeting will commence after there has been an opportunity for residents of the parish to speak, in normal circumstances this will be restricted to about 15 minutes in total. A list of Parish Councillors is available from the Clerk.


1.         Apologies
2.         M
3.         Minutes of meeting held on 8th June 2016 & Matters arising
4.         District & CountyCouncillors Reports
5.         'Shared Access’ proposal.
6.         Confirmation of Name for ‘Galley Batch Lane’ / ‘Little London
7.         Confirmation of Name for ‘Little London
8.         Chairman’s Award 2016; Nominations
9.         Planning

Update on recent planning applications

Application 2016/1484/HSE; Gable Cottage, Ash Lane, Neighbourne; Proposed Single Storey Side Extension
Application 2016/1510/FUL; Longacres, Pound Lane; Oakhill; Proposed demolition of poultry shed and construction of new 3 bedroom property
Application 2016/1397/FUL; Lapwing Farm, Old Frome Road, Doulting; Change of use of existing barn and contained part of site to a rural experience venue (Sui Generis Class Use) and erection of utility block
Application 2016/1619/OTA; Land to the Rear of Portlands, Little London, Oakhill; Outline planning permission application (all matters reserved) for the erection of 2 no single storey bungalows and alterations to access

10.       Finance
i.          Financial Statement
ii.         Clerk’s Salary & Expenses
iii.        Addition of Clerk as Signatory to allow effective administration of the accounts.

11.       Matters of Report
(Speedwatch, Highways, Footpaths, PCSO, SALC, School, Village Hall)

12.       Date of next meeting: Wednesday 14th September 2016, 7.30pm  

S. Vaillant