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Oct 4, 2014

October 2014 Ashwick Parish Council Meeting

All local residents are welcome to attend and can address the Council before the start of the meeting.
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Posted by: Farmer Pete

Ashwick Parish Council
Clerk: Ms S. Vaillant, Burleigh Cottage, Leigh St, Leigh on Mendip BA3 5QP
01373 812 563; [email protected]

Members of the council are called to a meeting on Wednesday October 8th, 2014, at 8.30pm in the village hall, Oakhill.


Declarations of Interest & Dispensations
Co-option of Councillor
Minutes of meeting held on 10th September 2014 & Matters arising
District & Council Councillors Reports
Clarification of the extent of streets "Benter Lane" and "Blackey Lane"

Update on recent planning applications & follow up actions
Application 2014/1829/HSE; 16 The Old Maltings; Proposed Conversion of Garage.
Application 2014/1833/FUL; Strodes Farm, Blackey Lane, Ashwick; Extension of existing agricultural buildings; Extend storage shed by three bays and cover silage pad.
Application 2014/1878/HSE; Beckland House, Little London; Demolition of single garage and a two storey side extension in replacement, a single storey extension on the rear elevation, and the demolition of a double garage and the construction of a garden room in the rear garden.
Application 2014/1911/FUL; Clare Ash Lane, Oakhill; Conversion of curtilage outbuilding to independent dwelling, conversion of Harridge Cottage and Clare Cottage into a single dwelling and provision of additional car parking.
Application 2014/1929/VRC; New Row Farm, Yelling Mill Lane; Application for variation of Condition 2 and 14 of planning permission 2013/2517/VRC.
Application 2014/1963/HSE; Hill View; Little London; Extension on the rear elevation of the property


Financial Statement
Clerk’s Salary & Expenses
Payment of invoice for grass cutting (September)
Payment of invoice for External Auditor
Payment of invoice for erection of fence around ‘pound’ on Rec. Field.
Agree purchase of Remembrance Wreath for 9th November.
Consider purchase of new Clerk laptop and projector.

Matters of Report
(Speedwatch, Highways, Footpaths, PCSO, SALC, School, Village Hall)

Date of next meeting: Wednesday 12th November 2014, 7.30

S. Vaillant