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May 14, 2015

The Yellow Swirl...

No, not a nasty disease or a new work of modern art... but the website of an Oakhill based classic Combine Harvester preservation group.
Category: General
Posted by: Farmer Pete

Local resident Colin Cloude contacted the Ashwick Parish Website to let us know about 'The Yellow Swirl', a group of enthusiasts who restore classic Massey Fergusson Combine Harvesters and other such equipment,  and more importantly, to then use these great beasts to once more do the job they were built for.     For more information, please visit their website  http://www.yellowswirl.info

The one thing that the group needs more of is land that needs to be worked by these machines:  so do you know of anyone that can help?   The group's request is posted on the 'wanted' page where it will remain but for the present here it is on the news page!

We are a small group of vintage machinery owners based in Oakhill:  we urgently require further acreage this Autumn to crop for next summer to enable us to use all of our restored machinery!  Any acreage considered, we are fully experienced, check out our website www.yellowswirl.info  or contact Colin Cloude on 01749-840396

Note:  the webmaster is a fan of classic farm machinery, using a classic grey fergie TEF 20 in addition to a SAME 80