New local business, HD Carpet Care, added to website

May 28, 2015

Local Businesses

Category: General
Posted by: Farmer Pete

Ashwick and Oakhill have a surprising variety of local businesses, from someone who can fix your computer, garden design and tree felling, alternative therapies, to butchers and chefs, and no doubt many more.   So why not check out if a local service could meet your needs?

The latest addition to the list is 'Cornelius', a bespoke metalworking business, run by local second generation craftsman, Zak Bolton.  Zak offers a complete range of traditional, hand-crafted metalwork, from iron gates and railings, to weather vanes and chandeliers!   In addition, if you want to have a go yourself, Zak offers the opportunity for you to try your hand at making something in iron, copper or brass, from a napkin ring to a garden trowel. 

'Cornelius' will make items from your own designs or can they offer help.  For more information contact Zak on 07796 634510 or Bill on 01749-840366