Minutes for July 2010

Ashwick Parish Council

Minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday 14th July 2010, 7.30pm in Oakhill village hall.

Those present: in the chair Mr P Briscoe, Mr D Barlow, Mr B Wells, Miss S Emery, Mr K Matlin, Mr D Gilson, Mr C Sully, Mr D Perkins, Mr P Dennis, Mr D Barlow, Mr P Langmaid, Mrs E Lewis

Also in attendance:

The meeting commenced at 7.30pm

67/10Apologies:  none received

68/10Declarations of interest:  Mr B Wells, Miss S Emery, Mr D Gilson, Mr Barlow personal interest on hall rent

69/10Minutes of the previous meeting held on 9th June 2010: were signed off as a true record

Matters for decision

70/10Adoption of Standing Orders: Clerk was asked to contact SALC to clarify certain points regarding which parts to adopt and which not and how to represent this.

71/10Planning: Mrs Sarah Hoddinott, 1 The Old Maltings, Oakhill, BA3 5BX, single storey extension to rear, two storey side extension and porch, installation of flue to rear. 2010/1120 recommend approval providing materials match existing building and bathroom window is obscure glass (not specified on plan).

72/10 Planning:  Mr Wayne Cole, Kingsdown, Gurney Slade, erection of a detached dwelling with associated access. 2010/1254 recommend approval  as there is plenty of space.  Mr Briscoe to enquire as to which neighbours have been notified.

PCSO Nicky Housley joined the meeting at 8pm and reported that there were no crimes to report, she advised us to contact Highways regarding speeding on the High Street.  PCSO Housley left the meeting at 8.10pm.

Mr G Halfhide joined the meeting at 8.10pm and appraised the Council of the agenda for the upcoming Parish Forum meeting.  He also introduced the new ‘garden grabbing’ legislation.  Mr Halfhide left the meeting at 8.35pm.

73/10 Nomination form: Miss Emery proposed Mr Wells and this was seconded by Mr Langmaid

74/10 Finance: village hall rent approved and signed

75/10 Finance: Clerk’s salary and expenses approved and signed

76/10 Parish forum meeting: Clerk to attend

77/10 Timings of meetings:  it was suggested that in principle it is possible to allocate a time to each agenda item; also if items look to generate a long discussion, to agree to carry it over to the next meeting.

78/10 Website and publicity:  Mr P Langmaid has not yet had an invoice from Jack Stringer.  The parish is looking for ways to advertise the website and proposed putting up small flyers around the village; this was agreed as well as putting an article in the parish magazine.

Matters of report:

79/10 Meeting of staffing committee this was arranged for Wed 11th August at 7.30pm

80/10 Ownership of woodland off Bath Road Mr Perkins has advised who owns it, Clerk to reply to email

Any other matters of report arising:

Mr Briscoe reported feedback on the audit

Clerk read correspondence regarding the holiday village and blue green algae to the Council

Mr Wells asked for Clerk to report overgrown path from Volvo garage up to Kingscombe in Gurney Slade

Mr Gilson reported on buildings at risk survey, the Council only needs to add new ones so no action required.

Mr Gilson reported that a signpost in Benter by the machine sales property in totally overgrown, Clerk to report to highways.

Mrs Lewis reported an overgrown flowerbed; Mr Wells is to follow it up.

81/10 Date of the next meeting: Wednesday 8th September 2010, 7.30pm.

Meeting closed at 9.38pm