Additional Recycling

News from Julie Searle, Strategy Officer, Somerset Waste Partnership.

January 24th, 2011

This is to let you know that the final phase of SORT IT Plus in Mendip is about to commence. The additional recycling box will be delivered to all suitable households from next week (w/c 24th January) over a period of 3 weeks.

The first collections will take place weeks commencing 7th and 14th February, 2011

SORT IT Plus involves the addition of plastic bottles and cardboard to the current SORT IT collection service. Residents will be delivered an additional green recycling box which they will use for paper, glass bottles and jars, aluminium foil, clothes and shoes. The existing black box will be used for cardboard, plastic bottles and food/drinks cans. The green box will be printed with the materials accepted, and a sticker will be enclosed with the pack for the black box. Residents will also receive a leaflet and collection calendar telling them on which date collections start for their property.

We are often asked why we only accept plastic bottles and not other types of plastic. The reason is that until recently UK companies that reprocess plastic were only able to sort and recycle plastic bottles, and not other types of plastic packaging. This is starting to change, but the majority are still only able to recycle plastic bottles. We continue to keep this situation under review and will consider collecting other types of plastic if it can be done affordably and stable outlets secured, preferably in the UK.

(Somerset Waste Partnership manages waste and recycling services on behalf of all local authorities in Somerset)