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Somerset Village Agents

Village Agents are local people employed on a part-time basis to become trusted members of their communities and a valuable resource. They network extensively with Parish Councillors, Police Community Support Officers, social group organisers, transport providers, church groups, youth workers and others within their community. They receive ‘referrals’ from agencies and members of the community about people needing information or support.

Village Agents make home visits when necessary and provide high-quality information. They enable direct access to a wide range of services and use a secure electronic referral system. They may informally carry out a series of practical checks related to safety in the home (e.g. smoke alarms, falls prevention), benefit entitlement and energy efficiency. Visits are followed up when necessary by experts who will provide specialist information, advice and services, e.g. the fire service and social care. Village Agents identify unmet needs within their community and respond by initiating and supporting new social and healthy activities.


  • To build a trusted relationship within a community particularly with those who are vulnerable to help improve their quality of life by helping them to feel more secure, more cared for and more informed and empowered.
  • To help people to have easy access to a wide range of information that will enable them to make informed decisions about their own well-being.
  • To identify gaps in service and feed back this information in order to influence future service provision.

To support a community to respond to an identified need where appropriate.  This may include using the skills of Community Council of Somerset colleagues.

Who is our local area village agent?

Chewton Mendip
Rodney Stoke
Ston Easton


             Jacqueline Smith

    [email protected]     



November 2013 update 


Village Agent

On going services that can help those living alone OR are unable to get out and about unaided, live more comfortable lives

  1. Royal Voluntary Service (RVS), have a LIBRARY HOME DELIVERY SERVICE. This is an excellent service that is on offer to anyone who cannot get to a library/mobile library, due to personal circumstances of immobility or lack of transport.

 A volunteer will bring a regular supply of books/ talking books/ c.d’s or d.v.d’s to your home to suit your choice of author/ genre.

  1. Fire Safety Check-If you live alone or are in a vulnerable situation due to age or health, you can request a free home safety check carried out by a member of the Fire Service. They will check the condition and position of Smoke / Carbon Monoxide alarms. Supply and fit new ones if necessary or give advice if more appropriate. They will identify special equipment that might be needed-i.e. vibrating under pillow alarms for the hard of hearing and advise on any hazards in the home that are a potential fire risk.
  2. The Lions Club of Great Britain fund a scheme called “Message in a Bottle”. This takes the form of a small capsule that lives in the fridge of someone who lives alone or have a partner they care for, who would not be able to relay their medication/personal details to a member of the emergency services who may be called to their home.

 A few important details such as medication needs, allergies, emergency contact details, GP details etc are kept in the capsule.  This ensures that correct speedy treatment can be delivered in an emergency.

  1. Somerset Waste Partnership offer a free assisted service to those who have no or limited mobility or other impairments to get waste/recycling containers to the point where they can be collected by the routine collection vans.

 An agreed point of collection from the outside of the property is set up and then the wheelie bin/recycling containers are put out and returned to the same place after emptying.

There are other services that can be of help to many people finding them selves in an isolated or vulnerable position in our communities.

Please contact me on 07950 782436 or email me on [email protected]  about any of the above or any other issue or problem, either yourself, a relative, friend or neighbour may be experiencing. All communications are made in strict confidence and a home visit can be arranged if more appropriate.

Jacky Smith, Village Agent. Give me a call!