Ashwick War memorial

Ashwick War Memorial.     Located at the junction of The High Street and Bath Road.

This present War Memorial replaces an earlier, portable, wooden one, which was kept at Oakhill Brewery and brought out every year for the Remembrance Service.  The site of the memorial was also changed when the present one below was constructed in

Ashwick War Memorial  2010.    (with fir trees removed)                   photo by Jack Stringer

Front Inscription:  
In Memoriam 1914 – 1919

Names from the inscription to the right

Capt H M Spencer        sea? Highlanders
2nd Lt.  W F Butt.         R.C.A
2nd Lt.  A E Emery        R.E
2nd Lt.   A Williams       West Yorks R?C

Sgt W Toms                  N.S.Y
Trooper A Herridge       N.S.Y
Sap   J Chapman           R.E
Sap   L Lovelock            R.E
Sap   E Weeks              R.E

Pte   A Barry                  Y.L.I
Pte   A Burr                    S.L.I
Pte   W H Burr                R.E
Pte   A Coles                  R.M.L.I
Pte   W H Emery            S.L.I

(rear inscription)

Under the wide and
     starry sky
Dig me a grave and
     Let me die
Glad did I live and
     Gladly die
And I lay me down
     With a will

Pte A Huish                  R.A.S.C
Pte  E Lovell                 R.M.L.I
Pte P. Mitchell              R.W.R
Pte  W Pearson.           Glos Regt.

Pte   T Perkins              C.C
Pte    W H Reeves        S.L.I
Pte   S Reakes              24 Lon Rt
Pte   J Speed                S.L.I

Pte   A Speed               L.N.L
Pte   J Tucker               R.A S.C
Pte   W Targett.            G.G
Pte   W  Vagg              S.L.I
A.B    A West               R.N

Inscription on Base
1939  - 1945

Capt.  M A Cooke-Hurle
Capt    J W Hilliar     H.O

Sgt/Rlt   J Reeves
Cpl   E Ashworth

L/C     G  Logan
Pte  L  J Webb

There is a name is missing from the base: the Serviceman's name is Maurice J Bromell from Moorwood and he died on the Long March.   Apparently his name is recorded on the memorial in Ashwick Church.

Ashwick War Memorial.              photo by Jack Stringer