December 2009 minutes

Minutes of the meeting of Ashwick Parish Council held on Wednesday 9th December 2009 at 7.30pm in Oakhill Village Hall

PRESENT:  Mr P Briscoe in the Chair; Mr B Wells, Mr D Barlow, Mr P Dennis, Mr D Gilson,

Mr C Sully, Mr D Perkins.

In Attendance:  Clerk Mrs F White.

Ward District Councillor G Halfhide. Ward County Councillor H Siggs.

120/09 Apologies Mr K Matlin, Mrs E Lewis, Mrs S Emery.  Police Rural Beat Team.

Declarations of Interests Mr Briscoe and Mr Sully declared Personal Interests, as friends of the owner, in relation to the Planning Application at The Beeches.

Mr Perkins declared a Personal and Prejudicial Interest, as a close relative of the owner, in the Planning Application at New Row Farm.

The Chairman explained advice from MDC Monitoring Officer concerning Declarations of Interests by Members who are also members of the Village Hall Committee.

121/09 Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on Wednesday 25th November 2009 were accepted and signed.

Matters Arising

Application relating to land at The Conifers will be considered by MDC Planning board on 16th December, Mr Briscoe will attend and speak on behalf of the Parish Council.


i. The following Planning Applications were considered:

a. Mr & Mrs Lear, Wood View Cottage, Bays Lane, Oakhill  2009/1687

Single Storey front and side extension

Decision: Recommend Approval.

Reasons: This is-

1. - a relatively minor extension

2.-  being built in sympathy with the rest of the building

3. - enhances the property

b. Mr & Mrs C R Perkins, New Row Farm, Yellingmill Lane, Downside 2009/1790

(Application for new permission to replace extant permission ref.107863/006 dated 09/06/2005)  Conversion of barn to dwelling.

Replace Permission to Extend Time Limit Implementation

(Mr Perkins spoke as a member of the public and then left the room.)

Decision: Recommend Approval.


Application is unchanged from the previous one, which was agreed by the Parish Council

(Mr Perkins rejoined the meeting.)

c. Mr & Mrs Hounsfield, The Beeches, Gas Lane, Oakhill  2009/1927

Tree - Conservation Area. Works to Lawson Cypress

Recommend the Decision be left to the Tree Officer.

ii Planning Notifications from Mendip District Council were received.

123/09 Ward Councillors Reports

Councillor Siggs spoke about the Somerset Aggregates Levy Fund; Budgets; the Speed Indicator Device Scheme.

Councillor Halfhide spoke about the recent Audit Commission Report on Mendip District Council, and about the Budget.

The Chairman and Councillor Halfhide reported on the recent Drop-In session for Parishes, following up the feed back from the Time to Plan Consultation.  The villages have now been grouped into two categories by how many essential services they have, and taking into account what building has been happening or planned since 2006.

124/09 Highways

Speed Indicator Devices. A response was received from SCC Highways about costs; at present parishes cannot purchase their own device.  It was agreed to stay in the current scheme for the time being.

125/09 FINANCE

i. The following Payments were proposed and approved:

a. Concept Products Ltd. Grit Bin (Sunnymead) £181.68

(payment to be held until the bin is installed and filled)

b. Society of Local Council Clerks Annual Sub. (share) £70.70

ii. Budget and Precept for the year 2010-11; consideration of Earmarked Funds and Reserves.

The Chairman proposed the Budget as presented, after consideration this was agreed; the potential excess of Budgeted payments over budgeted income was acceptable given the amount of reserves. £5000 of reserves was earmarked for future, as yet unspecified, village improvement projects probably through grants to the Village Hall Committee.  Specific projects raised by the Village Hall Committee will be considered by the Parish Council on a case by case basis as they arise.

A Precept of £9,000 for the year 20010-11 was proposed and agreed; the Precept request was completed and signed.

126/09 Correspondence

Items received during the month were reported and distributed.

127/09 Any Other Matters of Report

i. Website.  Problems with the MDC site continue; it was suggested that other options be reconsidered.

ii. Dates.  The November PC meeting always clashes with Shepton Carnival – it was agreed to look at rescheduling this date at the Annual meeting in May.

iii. Mr Wells reported further problems with the Quadron Open Space Maintenance Contract

iv. The following matters were reported for the attention of SCC Highways:

1. Severe flooding in Ashwick Lane, Gurney Slade, just past Rookery Farm. There is known to be a soak-away on the verge to the left of the farm gateway on the other side of the road going towards Gurney Slade; it has large slabs laid over it.  If this soak-away is cleared periodically the water will drain off the road.

2. Blocked gulley on the corner outside Courage Cottage, High Street, Oakhill.

3. Please could the bollard in the middle of Dye Lane (NOT Dean Lane) between Bath Road and High Street, Oakhill, be painted white (like the one in Dean Lane is); it is currently black and is a severe hazard to pedestrians at night.

Would it be possible for both of these bollards be fitted with reflectors at the top?

Date of next meeting: Wednesday 13th January 2010