Minutes for extra 2nd June 2010 meeting

Ashwick Parish Council

Minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday 2nd June 2010, 7.30pm in Oakhill village hall.

Those present: in the chair Mr D Barlow, Miss S Emery, Mr B Wells, Mr P Dennis, Mr C Sully, Mr D Gilson, Mr D Perkins, Mr P Langmaid.

Residents in attendance: Mrs S Needham

39/10Apologies: Mrs L Lewis, Mr P Briscoe, Mr K Maitlin

40/10Declarations of interest: Mr David Gilson declared a prejudicial interest in The Walled Garden

41/10Minutes of the previous meeting held on 12th May 2010 were signed as a true record of the meeting.

42/10 Matters arising: none


a.Mr Robert Neeedham, The Walled Garden, Zion Hill, Oakhill, 2010/0707, approved

b. Miss A. Hipperson, Pooh Corner, High Street, Oakhill, 2010/1098, approved

44/10 Any other matters of report arising:

        i.            Highways: Clerk to enquire re cutting of verges particularly outside the school and by the Mendip Inn.

      ii.            Highways: Clerk to request that the drains be uncovered following resurfacing, especially outside Bramley Farm.

    iii.            Highways: Clerk to enquire re potholes in Pound Lane and High St.

   iv.            Highways: clerk to enquire re weeds/shrubs on path on pavement up A367 to junction with A37.

     v.            Quadron have been called to remind to cut around village hall, this should be done by 5.6.10.

   vi.            It was suggested that meetings were running on too long and could be made more efficient by pencilling in a guide time next to agenda items and aiming to stick to them.

45/10 Date of the next meeting: Wednesday 9th June 2010, 7.30pm.

Meeting closed at 7.57pm.