Minutes for January 2010

Minutes of the meeting of Ashwick Parish Council held on Wednesday 13th January 2010 at 7.30pm in Oakhill Village Hall.


  • Mr P Briscoe in the Chair.
  • Mr B Wells,
  • Mr D Gilson,
  • Mr P Langmaid,
  • Mr K Matlin,
  • Mr E Lewis,
  • Mr D Barlow,
  • Mr C Sully,
  • Mr D Perkins.
  • In Attendance: Mr Whitaker, Prospect House.

01/10 Apologies

  • Miss S Emery
  • Mr P Dennis.
  • Clerk Mrs F White was absent due to snow.
  • Ward District Councillor G Halfhide
  • Ward County Councillor H Siggs.
  • PCSO N Housely.

Declarations of Interests

Mr P Langmaid declared a Personal Interest in the Planning Application at Gurney Slade Post Office as a friend of the owner.


Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on Wednesday 9th December 2009 were approved.


i. The following Planning Applications were considered:

a,b Mr J Whitaker, Prospect House, Fosse Rd, Oakhill 2009/1891/1892

a.1891: Creation of a vehicular access and parking area and change of use of adjoining land to form two allotments

Decision: Recommend Approval.

b. 1892: Demolition of part of boundary wall

Mr Whitaker explained the amendments to the plans as submitted to MDC.

Decision: Recommend Approval. (by a Majority vote)


  1. The Parish Council is in support of the principle of creating off road parking in Oakhill and hence easing traffic congestion, whilst recognising that the breached wall is in the Conservation Area.
  2. The rebuilt/modified wall must be built of the same materials and style as the existing wall
  3. The availability of allotments fulfils a recognised village need that the Parish Council has been unable to satisfy
  4. Neighbours are supportive of the revised plans

NOTE:  The Parish Council recommendation covers applications 2009/1891 and /1892 as received to date (13.01.10) although only /1892 appears on MDC website.  Does /1892 now cover all the Planning issues?

c. Mr & Mrs A Lawrence, Rock House Farm, Gurney Slade 2009/1913

Two storey extension

Decision: Recommend Approval.


  1. Materials are in keeping with the original building
  2. It is important to construct the extension in the materials specified on the drawings
  3. There appears to be no detrimental impact on neighbours

d. Mr P Weller, The Post Office Stores, Gurney Slade 2009/1914

Erection of single storey extension to north east elevation of shop

Decision: Recommend Approval.


  1. Materials are in keeping with original building
  2. It is important to construct the extension in the materials specified on the drawings
  3. The extension will help the shop/PO to remain a viable business and maintain a valuable local asset.

e. Gurney Slade Lime & Stone Co Ltd, The White House, Gurney Slade 2009/1911

Use of former car showroom and offices, open display area and workshops for a composite use comprising B1(a) office use of former showroom and office building, classic car storage and ancillary maintenance workshops with new rear extension and sale of up to 6 classic cars on A37 frontage, associated hard standing and soft landscaping.

Decision: Recommend Approval.


  1. The Parish Council has no objection to the Change of Use.
  2. The Parish Council prefers the buildings to be used for a viable business rather than become derelict
  3. The small increase in workshop area has no detrimental effects
  4. The new green cladding improves the appearance of the workshop

f. Mr E Dean, Sackville House, High Street, Oakhill  2009/1970  TREE - TPO works

Proposed works to and felling of trees subject to a tree Preservation Order   TPO M1170. T1

Douglas Fir - remove top 20ft: T2 Lawsons Cypress - fell to ground level; T3 Ash - fell to ground level; T4 Holly - Crown reduction 25%

Decision: Recommend the decision be left to the Tree Officer.

ii Planning result Notifications were received from Mendip District Council.

The Chairman reported from the Planning Board; the Application on Land at The Conifers, Little London, was refused, as recommended by the Parish Council.

03/10 Highways

A response was received from SCC Highways about the winter gritting programme in relation to Oakhill High Street.  It was noted that some snow clearance/blowing had taken place in Oakhill, but no gritting.  Parishioners had been using the grit bins recently provided by the Parish Council.  It was a suggested that an additional Grit Bin would be useful in Pound Lane on the approach to the Five Ways junction from the Mendip Inn direction.


  1. The following Payments were proposed and approved:
    1. Quadron Services, Open Space Maintenance:  £1,140.62
    2. Clerk’s quarterly Salary £894.80
    3. Clerk’s quarterly Expenses £96
  2. Consideration of the Asset Register and Financial Risk Assessment were deferred to the next meeting.
  3. Internal Audit arrangements.  Appointment of Mr L Caple as Internal Auditor was approved.

05/10 Website

A progress report was presented which concluded that a change of strategy is required, and that the Mendip portal route should be abandoned.  The way ahead and funding options will be discussed at the next meeting.

06/10 Correspondence

  1. The next Mendip District Council Parish Forum will be at 6pm on Monday 1st February
  2. The MDC Gypsy and Traveller Site Consultation was discussed.

07/10 Any Other Matters of Report

  1. Mrs Lewis will attend the Open Day Presentation at Stoke St Michael about the forthcoming Planning Application for a Holiday Chalet complex at Cookswood Quarry.
  2. The following matters were reported for the attention of SCC Highways:
    1. The new speed limit sign at the Pound end of the Recreation Field, while welcome, is inconsistent; the limit appears to be 20mph from Ashwick direction but 30mph from Oakhill.
    2. The white finger sign post at the Oakhill Inn has been turned round.

Date of next meeting:Wednesday 10th February 2010