Minutes for January 2011

Ashwick Parish Council

Minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday 12th January 2011, 7.30pm in Oakhill village hall.

Those present: in the Chair Mr P Briscoe, Mr D Barlow, Mr B Wells, Mr P Dennis, Mr K Matlin, Mr D Gilson, Mr D Perkins, Mr C Sully, Mr P Langmaid, Mrs E Lewis

Also in attendance: Mr G Halfhide

The meeting commenced at 7.35pm

01/11 Apologies:  Miss S Emery

02/11 Declarations of interest: Mr D Perkins personal interest in Planning

03/11 Minutes of the previous meeting held on 8th December 2010:  were signed off as a true record.

Mr Halfhide reported upon government budget allocation and how to identify planning consultees via the internet.  He left the meeting at 7.48pm

04/11Matters arising: 

Matters for decision

05/11 Planning: 2010/2946 Prospect House, Fosse Road, Oakhill, Convert coachhouse into separate dwelling involving the demolition of a rear extension and erection of replacement two-storey extension with a single storey lean-to. Approved unanimously with no conditions

06/11 Finance: repair of Pound notice board, Mr Dennis offered to look into repairing it.

07/11 Finance: Rent for village hall, cheque was approved and signed

08/11 Finance: Replacement bench for Galley Batch , Clerk to order a ‘Newstead’ bench from Furnitubes, as before for Kingsmead

Mr Siggs arrived a 8.03pm and reported upon winter roads maintenance and gritting

09/11 Finance: precept form, Mr Briscoe handed out copies of the budget forecast and the precept form was signed.  Clerk to send it off asap.

10/11 Spring clean up: Mr Langmaid reported that he was aware of other parishes having a community day for a tidy up.  Clerk to contact the school to suggest this.

11/11 Community Speedwatch: Mr Wells explained how complicated it was to coordinate and he would not volunteer to do it again.  Mr Wells has still got the speed guns.  It was agreed to leave a decision to another date.

12/11 Matters of report: Clerk read out all the planning decisions made recently and reported that a cheque has been received from Felicity White for the computer, Clerk to write to Felicity to acknowledge receipt and thank her.

13/11 Any other matters of report arising:

Mr Briscoe reported on a meeting regarding possible locations for affordable housing with Mr Sully and Felix Marsh (Community Council for Somerset).  He also informed the council of developments regarding the site behind Chapelfield.  Mr Briscoe to write to Midshire Estates to make the current position clear to them.

Clerk reported upon

  • a complaint about the trimming of the hedge bordering the BMX track
  • CILCA course and bursary
  • Silver jubilee letter outlining suggestions
  • Community partnership meeting agenda
  • An idea suggested for the phone box on Laundry lane for a book exchange or similar
  • The sign on the side of the upholsterers which has now been removed

Mr K Matlin reported that the post at the bottom of Dean Lane is very difficult to see in the dark and will research ways to rectify this.

14/11 Date of the next meeting: Wednesday 9th February 2011, 7.30pm.

Meeting closed at 9.52pm