Minutes for June 2010

Ashwick Parish Council

Minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday 9th June 2010, 7.30pm in Oakhill village hall.

Those present: in the chair Mr P Briscoe, Miss S Emery, Mr B Wells, Mr C Sully, Mr D Gilson, Mr D Perkins, Mr P Langmaid, Mr K Matlin

Also in attendance: Mr Siggs

The meeting commenced at 7.33pm

46/10Apologies: Mr D Barlow, Mrs L Lewis, Mr P Dennis.

47/10Declarations of interest: S. Emery and B. Wells declared prejudicial interests in the village hall grant. P.Briscoe declared a prejudicial interest- finance: flowers for Mrs White.

Mr Siggs reported on the recent changes following the election, the council needs to find significant savings this could be through lowering standards or through redundancies for example. Mr Siggs left the meeting at 7.55pm.

48/10Minutes of the previous meeting held on 2nd June 2010: these were amended and signed as a true record by the chair.

Matters for decision

49/10Planning:  Messers B&SMA Harding, Stroudes Farm, Ashwick. Erection of a garage associated with an agricultural dwelling. 2010/0935: approved unanimously as it is essential to the farm and to house the ground source heat pump.

50/10 Beacon Hill Wood representative: Mr D Perkins has volunteered for this role.

51/10 Registration of the pound: Clerk to talk to Mr Lambert re a statutory declaration and Clerk will take photos of the pound for the solicitor.

52/10 Buildings at risk survey: no new buildings to be added.

53/10 Formation of a staffing committee: P Briscoe, S. Emery and C. Sully.

54/10 Village Hall Grant: it was agreed to award the grant and the cheque was signed.

55/10 Adoption of Standing Orders: copies will be sent out to councillors for discussion at the next meeting.

Highways and footpaths:

56/10 School footpath: There are a lot of problems with dogs fouling and the public accessing school grounds when it is supposed to be a controlled site. The council unanimously supports moving the footpath.  Clerk to write to the chair of governors to this effect.

57/10 Stones on the verge of Farthing Corner: Clerk to contact highways regarding their removal.


58/10 Neighbourne phone box contract and payment: approved and signed

59/10 Information Commissioner’s Office registration: approved and signed

60/10 Clerk’s expenses: approved and signed

61/10 Mrs White’s flowers: approved and signed

62/10 Microsoft Office purchase: approved and signed

63/10 Purchase of laptop: approved, cheque to Mr P Dennis.

Matters of report:

64/10 SALC meeting report- C Sully: did not attend as meeting was not located as advertised at Binegar Hall.

65/10 Allotments: annual review: no progress, review next year. 

Any other matters arising:

  • Housing needs survey has been sent to all residents to identify any need for affordable housing.  Historically land behind Sunnymead was

identified as a potential site.  The authors of the survey, the Community Council for Somerset, would like to attend July’s meeting to update the Council once the surveys have been returned.

  • Dumping of spoil on ‘Dirty Lane’ Mr Wells has contacted MDC regarding this and since then 2 more loads have been tipped.
  • Council would like a written response to Clerk’s letter re Maxine Oxford.
  • Website publicity and payment for discussion at next meeting

66/10 Date of the next meeting: Wednesday14th July 2010, 7.30pm.

Meeting closed at 9.29pm