Kenwalch's Castle

Kenwalch's Castle

Kenwalch's Castle is probably an Iron Age hill fort that may have been converted into a Roman fortress in Penselwood, Somerset, 4 miles South East of Bruton.  It is situated in Castle Wood which covers its defences and interior, with the interior having an area of 1.6 hectares.  There is a single rampart and ditch which are well preserved in places.  The road north from Penselwood village crosses the hillfort and probably passes through the original entrances.

It is believed to be the site of the Battle of Peonnum.*

remains of the earthworks at Kenwalch's Castle.  photo by James Frankcom

* Battle of Peonnum
The Battle of Peonnum was fought approximately AD 660 between the West Saxons under Cenwalh and the Britons of what is now Somerset.  It was a decisive victory for the Saxons, who gained control of Somerset as far west as the River Parrett.   The location of the battle is uncertain.