Local Development Outline

In 2009 Mendip District Council carried out a detailed study for their Local Development Framework for new homes over the period to 2026.  Villages were classified according to their facilities, transport and employment, with future housing to be concentrated in the Primary Villages.  Oakhill was categorised as a Secondary Village where little further development was envisaged, especially after the conversion of the Oakhill Brewery Malt House buildings to 25 dwellings. 

In 2009 Ashwick Parish Council sent the following response to Mendip District Council:

Ashwick PC does not consider Oakhill to be a serviced village as defined in the report.  Nor it is feasible to turn it into one by creating a new shop.  Parishioners accept that they have to travel to Gurney Slade or Stoke St Michael if the need arises (which in turn helps those shops/Post Office to survive).   It also appears highly unlikely that public transport to Oakhill, Ashwick and Neighbourne will improve sufficiently to alter commuting patterns and therefore the best option is to minimise development in Oakhill to:

  • no greenfield development
  • providing accommodation for the agricultural community where essential
  • providing affordable housing where a need is identified.  The 2008 Housing Needs Survey carried out for Ashwick PC identified a requirement for 6 affordable housing units
  • Refurbishment/conversion of derelict buildings.  The approved future conversion of the Maltings into 25 units (including 4 affordable) is envisaged as the only significant development in the foreseeable future due to its scale
  • Only brownfield sites and infilling to be considered for future development, although such sites are now scarce.

Ashwick Parish Council 2009

link to March 2011 update Ashwick Parish Council's viewpoint