Local Historical sites and places of interest

The West Country has a wealth of historic sites all within easy reach of Ashwick Parish:  these range from the Roman City of Bath to the Medieval Cathedral City of Wells, and from prehisthoric sites such as Silbury Hill, Amesbury and Stonehenge to natural wonders such as the Somerset Levels, Cheddar Gorge and Wookey Caves.

The links* here provide some background information and historical, rather than contempory, photographs of the places or subjects.   *Ongoing project so please check back for updates. 

Avebury Stone Circles.                                     Located in Wiltshire, circa 40 miles N.E of Oakhill     more information and photographs

Cheddar Village and Gorge                              Located 15 miles N.W of Oakhill

Clifton Suspension Bridge                                more information and 1890s photographs

Roman Bath                          


Silbury Hill                                                        Located in Wiltshire, circa 40 miles N.E of Oakhill    more information and photographs

Stonehenge                                                     Located in Wiltshire circa 35 miles E of Oakhill

Medieval Wells

Link to 1890s photographs