Minutes for November 2015


Present:  D Barlow (DB; Chair), R Battagel (RB), P Briscoe (PB), S Emery (SE), D Gilson (DG), E Lewis (EL), D Perkins (DP), C Sully (CS), D Thorley (DT) and B Wells (BW).
In Attendance:   S Vaillant (Clerk), Cllr H Siggs (County Cllr; in part), Cllr R Carter and Cllr J Carter (District Cllrs; in part) 

294/15              Apologies were received from P Dennis (PD).   N Housley (PCSO) also advised she would not be able to attend the meeting and circulated her report by email.

295/15              No interest was declared nor requests for dispensations made.

296/15              After correction of minor typos, the minutes of the meeting held on 14th October 2015 were agreed to be a true and accurate record of the meeting held with the following amendment:-
•           D Gilson had asked for a note to be sent to SCC regarding the condition of the gulley at the bottom of Zion Hill near Dean Cottage, which is full of weeds.

MATTERS ARISING FROM PREVIOUS MINUTES (where not dealt with later)
297/15              (198/15) Gardening Club & help gardening at the Pound – An article will be published in the next magazine. Action complete.
298/15              (268/15) Dongle for internet access at the Village Hall – This is not possible at the moment. Action complete.
299/15              (273/15) Additional bus stop to Route 174 – An official request has been sent to Somerset Transport. Awaiting response.
300/15              (275/15) Clerk to apply to the British Heart Foundation for a grant towards a defibrillator. Ongoing.
301/15              (276/15) Proposed work on A367 (creation of pedestrian crossing) – The clerk responded to the consultation and we are now awaiting further information. The chair advised that the church had also sent in some comments relating to vehicular access and parking outside the church.
H Siggs, present at the meeting, subsequently explained the reasoning behind the proposed location and that, indeed, a couple of objections had been received, which were being taken into consideration. The Chair reiterated the Church’s concerns regarding parking and the raising of the kerb.  The Chair also asked if the 30mph zone could be extended and incorporated into these works while the area is being looked at and changes considered. HS agreed to consider.
302/15              (289/15) Litter bin at the Village Hall – Clerk advised that the replacement of the litter bin was discussed at a meeting held on 9th July 2014 (item 209/14) when the following was stated: The Village Hall committee has offered to go 50/50 with the PC on the purchase of a bin, however it was pointed out that the bins (waste bin and x2 dog bins) were not on the Parish Council asset list and must therefore belong to the Village Hall. BW to investigate. Clerk to check prices with Glasdon. It was noted that a dog bin was purchased by the Parish Council in September 2014 but that the waste bin was not replaced. Ongoing. D Thorley to report to Village Hall Committee.
303/15              (292/15) Letter from Binegar PC regarding remedial works to Culvert - Chair forwarded the letter to the County and District Cllrs.  H Siggs subsequently advised that the Environment agency will not take full responsibility and neither will Highways. SCC is trying to organise a meeting with all the parties in order to discuss the problem and draw up a response.       

304/15              H Siggs (County Cllr) also reported on SWP’s activities and the current campaign to encourage food recycling for which the uptake has been slower than other regular recycling items.
305/15              J Carter (District Cllr) confirmed that Chilcompton would be returning the speed camera which was on loan to them shortly.    

H Siggs, R Carter and J Carter (left?) the meeting.        

306/15              Cllrs C Sully, P Briscoe and D Thorley presented draft responses to the consultation questions and invited comments from all Councillors. A formal response will be presented for agreement at the December meeting.
307/15              EL queried the number of houses planned to be built until 2029. Is it realistic? Enough?
308/15              BW suggested to put forward land at Kingscombe for development, but it was advised that MDC did not consider it a suitable place. Emplacements within existing villages are preferred due to existing facilities.

309/15              It was felt that the new bus route was more regular and somewhat better (getting to Shepton quicker), although it will slightly disadvantage residents in Little London who will have to walk to the main road to catch the bus. It was noted that parishioners now tend to use the new regular bus service rather than the Hatch Green one. Clerk to respond.
310/15              Slinky – Residents are aware of its existence and some do use it, but it was noted that it was not a free service.

311/15              A grant application has been submitted, which will require 2 quotations to be attached.  Clerk to ask Ellis & Co if they could delay the start of the works until we get a response. 
312/15              With the War Memorial now a Grade II listed building, Clerk is seeking advice from MDC about planning requirements before the works commencing.

313/15              Terry Drake has been contacted to get training started and we are awaiting a response.

314/15              Chair read the email received from previous Clerk Felicity White who confirmed that the Village Hall Committee was responsible for the upkeep of the BMX track. D Thorley to report back to the Village Hall Committee.
315/15              Notwithstanding the above, it was noted that the Parish Council would be prepared to consider a grant request to help with the upkeep should one be sought.      

316/15              Updates on previous applications:-
Application 2014/2166/ REM; Application for removal of condition 5 following grant of planning permission 2011/2201 (removal of existing wind turbine and associated equipment at Warren Farm); Warren Farm, Masbury, Wells – Approved w/c.
Applications 2015/1989/HSE; Mendip View, Fosse Road, Oakhill - Demolition of single storey extension and erection of 2 storey extension. Relocation of entrance porch – Approved w/c.
Application 2015/1636/FUL; Field 2947 Off Frome Road, Beacon Hill; To erect a single storey 2 bedroom wooden house – Pending consideration
Application 2015/2212/REM; Lothlorien Galley Batch Lane, Oakhill – Application for the approval of reserved matters – Pending consideration
Application 2015/2178-9/LBC; Ashwick Court; A lower ground level single storey extension and internal alterations to the main house, cottage and stable buildings – Withdrawn

 317/15              Application 2015/2601/HSE; Erection of single storey extension from the north elevation; Little Barn Farm, Blackey Lane to Withy Lane, Neighbourne – After review of the drawings and application documentation, it was agreed to recommend approval (SE proposed, DG seconded, all agreed) as the proposals will not impact on any neighbours and the extension is sympathetic with existing materials.

318/15              Budget & Parish Precepts 2016/17 – It was agreed that the committee would meet early in 2016 before the January meeting at which the Budget will be agreed.
319/15              Financial Statement – Financial statement to 10th November 2015 was agreed and signed.
320/15              The following invoices were agreed and cheques signed:-

723       S Vaillant; Clerk’s Net Salary & Expenses           £ 250.20
724       HMRC; Income tax                                               £57.80
725       JK Primrose (Grass cutting)                                  £318.00 
727       Mendip DC (Invoice for Election Services)          £187.34
728       The British Legion (Remembrance Wreath)         £17.00

321/15              Highways – There has been no contact from Highways since the last meeting and therefore no progress on ongoing issues. Chair to chase. 
                         SE reported that there was no improvement to the road outside Sun Cottage.
322/15              Village hall – EL reported the poor condition of the steps over the mound (near the car park) to DT who advised some quotes were being obtained to make good.
323/15              Footpaths – Chair received an email regarding fly tipping on footpath 1/38 (behind Kingscombe) and reported this to MDC.
D Perkins stated that fly tipping a generalised problem.
324/15              PCSO – Report was circulated before the meeting. Nothing further to report.
325/15              SALC – Nothing to report.
326/15              School – SE to ask the school if the proposed crossing will solve the safety issues they raised in September.
327/15              PB – Fingers on signpost outside the pub are pointing in the wrong direction. Clerk to report to Highways and ask that they be fixed.
328/15              It was queried whether District Councillors would better support the Parish if they were staying for the entirety of the meetings in order to pick up on issues as they arise.
E Lewis agreed to speak to Rachel and John about this.
329/15              Clerk was asked if minutes could be written in more detail and circulated sooner after the meeting. Clerk reminded councilors that minutes should only be a record of decisions made, and not a transcript of conversations held. That said, Clerk agreed to try and circulate the minutes earlier.
330/15              Concerns were raised over the works at The Grange (opposite Lothlorien) which is a site of archaeological interest. It is felt that builders should have been made aware of this.
331/15              Collection of Grit bags from Highways Depot, 21st November – Lizzie offered to pick the bags up. D Perkins and B Wells offered to help unload.

332/15              The next Parish Meeting will be held on 9th December 2015 at 7.30pm at the Village Hall.