Minutes for November 2016


Present D Barlow (DB; Chair), R Battagel (RB), P Briscoe (PB), P Dennis (PD), S Emery (in part), D Gilson (DG), E Lewis (EL), C Sully (CS), D Thorley (DT) and B Wells (BW).

In Attendance S Vaillant (Clerk), J Carter (District Cllr, in part) and 1 parishioner.

No apologies were received. D Perkins (DP) was not present.
J Carter presented apologies for R Carter, who was not able to attend the meeting.

The Chair advised that the order of the meeting would be changed to accommodate members of the public present.

No interest was declared, nor requests for dispensations made.

The minutes of the meeting held on 12th October 2016 were agreed to be a true and accurate record of the meeting held.

MATTERS ARISING FROM PREVIOUS MINUTES (where not dealt with later)
(48/16) Additional Lights – Clerk to review information emailed by Peter Dennis and action.
(121/16) Tidy up and possible relandscaping of the Pound Garden – Clerk advised of a Tesco Grant which could provide funding for this project and send information to DT to pass on to the Club.
(176/16) Application to War Memorial Trust Grant Scheme – Clerk liaising with MDC to find out if Listed Building Consent is required. Ongoing. 
(177/16) Defibrillator – We are now in possession of the defibrillator to be located at the Church, although we are waiting for confirmation of location.
Clerk waiting to hear from CRISP about a potential grant availability either to purchase cabinet or the additional defibrillators. It was agreed to add the purchase of the cabinet to December’s agenda.
(277/16) Local Government Finance Settlement Consultation – Clerk responded to the consultation. Action complete. 
291/16) Dog waste bin to be purchased and delivered to David. Clerk to check that MDC will empty the dog waste bin in the further location. 
Missing road markings by the quarry crossroads – BW reported that nothing has been done. 
Trailer on the high street has now gone after MDC posted notice of disposal. 
Pondsmead – The manager of the nursing home has agreed to meet a couple of councillors to discuss ongoing worries on Friday 18th November 2016.

Chair read the email received by a resident. It is hoped that SCC’s proposal to install a crossing in this location will help the situation. The following ideas were also discussed:

Pavement to be built
Yellow lines to prevent parking in dangerous manner

It was agreed to ask for an update on the crossing. Clerk to request.

J Carter (District Cllr) reported as follows:-
Tightening up of business rules for planning applications. To save businesses or other building of community interest to be turned into private accommodation. 

MDC has been asked to attend a select committee as one of the top councils successful at collecting the tax and business tax.

Updates on previous applications:-
Application 2016/1510/FUL; Longacres, Pound Lane; Oakhill; Proposed demolition of poultry shed and construction of new 3 bedroom property – Refused.
Application 2016/1397/FUL; Lapwing Farm, Old Frome Road, Doulting; Change of use of existing barn and contained part of site to a rural experience venue (Sui Generis Class Use) and erection of utility block – Approved w/c.
2016/1988/TCA; Spencer House, Manor Place, High Street, Oakhill; Notification of proposed works to trees in a conversation area – No decision
2016/2196/CLE; Stable Cottage, Highcroft Lane, Gurney Slade; A mixed use as Dwelling, Stables, Carpenters Workshop and Store (Certificate of use existing) – Development is Lawful
2016/2225/FUL; Field 2947 off Old Frome Road, Doulting; Single Storey 2 bedroom wooden house – No decision.
2016/2320/CLE; Use of land for purposes ancillary to the residential enjoyment of Field View; Field View, Zion Hill, Oakhill – No decision.
2016/2522/FUL; Application for the retention of 2 agricultural buildings / field shelters (retrospective); Land at Old Frome Road, Oakhill – Following review of the application documents, it was queried why retrospective permission is being sought since some buildings have already been built without consultation with the parish council. There is also some confusion about the status of the some of the buildings being agricultural.

There is also a query over information provided in the questionnaire which states that there are no water courses on site. This is surprising as there is a lot of water running down that side.

CS proposed to allow that they retain the old agricultural building for which permission was granted to turn into a dwelling, but reject these new buildings (DG seconded, 8 voted for, 1 abstention).

Clerk to invite Planning Officer Lindsey Bradshaw and MDC’s Enforcement Officer to attend the next meeting to explain what happened with this application, especially regarding the lack of consultation with the council. Clerk to also send letter to MDC to express the Council’s dissatisfaction over the lack of transparency.

SE Joined the meeting.

2016/2496/FUL; Erection of 25m slim line lattice mast to support 3no antennae and associated works; Lime Kiln Farm, Bath Road, Oakhill, BA3 5AF – A resident attended the meeting to object to the planning application because of the height of the proposed mast and to point out that some trees that might currently be covering the mast are contaminated ash trees that will not be there for very long.

CS proposed to recommend approval (SE seconded, unanimously agreed) as it is felt that better connectivity is needed for the village. However, in making a decision, MDC should consider the following:-  Will the mast be for the benefit of the local community or is it intended for a wider reach?  Residents should not have to put up with the visual impact of the mast if it will not directly benefit them.  Is a mast the best solution?

2016/2487/VRC; Application for removal of condition 6 (hours of use) following grant of planning permission 2016/1397/FUL; Lapwing Farm, Old Frome Road, Doulting – It was agreed to recommend approval (9 votes for, 1 vote against).

2016/1950/TPO; Works to trees subject to a Tree Perservation Order; Spencer House, Manor Place, High Street, Oakhill – It was agreed to leave the decision to the tree conservation officer.

Financial Statement – Financial statement to 12th November 2016 was agreed and signed.

The following invoices were agreed and cheques signed:-

764 S Vaillant; Clerk’s Net Salary & Expenses £260.02
765 HMRC; Income tax £60.40
766 All Saints Church (Remembrance Wreath) £25.00
767 Grant Thorton (External Audit) £120.00

Bench. It was agreed to purchase a 1200mm bench in Stainless steel to be delivered at David Gilson’s house.

Highways – Email from Highways regarding Winter Service. It was agreed we didn’t need any salt this year as the bags from previous years have not been used.

Refilling grit bins – It was agreed to ask Highways for a location plan of the grit bins in the parish. Upon receipt, DB agreed to check them and request refills where needed.

Sun Cottage – There are numerous markings on the road but we do not know what they represent. DB agreed to contact Neil Corp for an update. 

Speedwatch – Nothing to report. It was agreed to draw a rota to get things going again.
Footpaths – The blocked footpath previously reported is still in the same condition. DB to chase.
SALC – Next all areas meeting is on Thursday 15th December, which Sandrine will attend. 
Village Hall – Next meeting on 5th December.

Parking on the High Street – CS circulated photos of the congestion on the high street due to parked cars. BW agreed that the situation was getting worse and worse. Chair agreed to contact Highways to look at the situation on the high street and discuss remedies.

Fly Tipping on Pound Lane; there are a couple of black bags near the top of Galley Batch. To be reported to MDC.

Housing Association – Tenants have changed in the housing association houses and the PC was not notified. Clerk to contact housing association.

The next Parish Meeting will be held on 14th December 2016 at 7.30pm at the Village Hall.