Minutes for November 2107


Present D Barlow (DB, Chair), M Baverstock (MB), P Briscoe (PB), P Dennis (PD), S Emery (SE), D Gilson (DG), L Lewis (EL), C Sully (CS), D Thorley (DT) and B Wells (BW).

In Attendance J Carter (District Cllr, in part) and 3 members of the public.

Apologies were received from R Battagel (RB) and R Carter (District Cllr).

EL declared an interest in Planning Application 2017/2608/HSE, Somerfoss, and abstained from voting when the application was discussed.
No request for dispensation was made.

The minutes of the meeting held on 11th October 2017 were agreed to be a true and accurate record of the meeting held, with the following amendment:
Item 227/17; The parcel of land to record is the raised garden bed in the High Street, not the land around the telephone exchange.

MATTERS ARISING FROM PREVIOUS MINUTES (where not dealt with later)
(196/17) Proposed crossing outside the school – An article to update residents has been sent to the parish magazine but has not been published at the time of the meeting.

(206/17) Raised garden in High Street – Clerk to contact our solicitors to start the process of registering it as a belonging to the Parish Council.

(219/17) Japanese Knotweed – Clerk has reported the issue on Lime Kiln Lane to the Rights of Way Team, and the issue on Old Frome Road to the Highways Team, although DT suggested that it might not be Japanese knotweed growing on Old Frome Road.

Chair has sent an email to Highways regarding eroding lane edges and poor road condition in places following the closure on the A37 in October. Waiting to hear.

R Carter (District Cllr) reported as follows:-
MDC running on a tight budget at the moment; but highlighted some very good economic activity in the District creating some employment.
Three training sessions on Planning are being organized by MDC and encouraged councilors to attend.
Cllr R Carter is taking part in working group looking at how to improve working relationships between the District and Parish Councils.

Noted; no comment.

It was agreed not to collect any bags this year as there already are quite a few unused ones in storage from previous winters. Clerk to request that the grit bins are filled up.


Updates on previous applications:-
Application 2016/0112/FUL; New House as amended by revised drawings and additional supporting information; Goodrest Cottage, Neighbourne Lane, Oakhill – Refused.

Appeal Notification 2016/3125/FUL; Gales Farm, Old Frome Road to Underhill, Gurney Slade; Convert and part rebuild stone barn to create holiday let – Appealing against one condition. Appeal is allowed and Condition 4 deleted.

2017/0821/OTS; Rock House, Old Frome Road to Underhill, Gurney Slade; Outline planning application for the erection of two detached dwellings and garaging and formation of vehicular access – Awaiting decision.

2016/2225/FUL; Field 2947 off Old Frome Road; Appeal Notification – It was agreed to not make any further comments as previous ones stood.

2017/2608/HSE; Somerfoss, Bath Road, Oakhill; Proposed alterations and extension to a single dwelling – The applicant attended the meeting and explained the reasoning behind the application. DT proposed to recommend approval (PD seconded, all agreed, EL did not take part in the vote) as it was felt that the changes will rectify some of the flaws made by previous modifications, the development is not visible from the road or from various viewpoints around the property.

2017/2777/FUL; Overdale, Old Frome Road to Underhill, Gurney Slade; Erection of a mono pitch timber frame agricultural building to be built on a hard-core base for the storage of hay, fodder and machinery – After consideration of the planning documents and drawings, BW proposed to recommend approval (SE seconded, unanimously agreed) as there will be minimal impact on anybody else, and the council is keen to support local agriculture.

2017/2817/FUL; Batts Farm, Batts Lane, Gurney Slade; Conversion of stone agricultural barn to two dwelling houses – After consideration, EL proposed to recommend approval (PD seconded, unanimously agreed) on the proviso that Highways are comfortable with the location of the entrance (although it was noted that an entrance has always been in this location). It might also be advisable to reduce the speed limit along that stretch of road.

2017/2866/FUL; Badgers Cross Farm, Zion Hill to Underhill; Erection of new farmworkers dwelling – The applicant was in attendance at the meeting and explained the proposals. BW proposed to recommend approval (CS seconded, 9 votes for, 1 abstention) as the proposed building matches the existing sheds on site, it supports an agricultural and farming family by allowing workers to live on site and it was confirmed that an agricultural tie will be in place on the new dwelling.

2017/2787/TCA; Oakhill Lodge, Bath Road, Oakhill; Proposed removed of one large bow on a Ash Tree (T1) in a conservation area – It was unanimously agreed to leave the decision to the Tree officer.

Goodrest Cottage – It was noted that a new double garage has been erected but that no planning application was received or reviewed by the Parish Council. Clerk to check.

Financial Statement – Financial statement to 8th November 2017 was agreed.

The following invoices were agreed and cheques signed:-
805 S Vaillant; Clerk’s Net Salary & Expenses 260.02
806 HMRC 60.40
808 Invoice for Poppy Wreath 25.00

Highways –
PD reported that the 30mph signs on the High Street near Golflinks Lane (near the top) were in the hedge.
BW expressed frustration with the slow progress of making good of the roads.
Overhanging trees before the bus shelter on Bath Road – Clerk to write to the residents at Pooh Corner, asking them to cut the hedge back, as well as the next property along. The hedge is stopping pedestrians using the footpath. 

Village Hall – Nothing to report as no meeting has been held this past month. A number of events are going forward.

SALC – Training session has been booked for MB to attend.

PCSO – No report received. Clerk has emailed the new Beat officer to tell her of the dates of our meeting and to report the A frame outside the pub.

Footpaths – Photocopies of original maps and detailed Right of Ways documents have now been handed to RB.

School – SE has spoken to a few parents about the possibility of a walking bus, and there seemed to be good feedback. SE to organise a meeting with the school to take further.

Speedwatch – Nothing to report.

As mentioned by Cllr J Carter above, MDC have organized three Planning training sessions in the new year. RB, DT and SV to attend the session in Frome on 6th February 2017. Clerk to respond to invitation.

Training on use of Defibrillator - Chair to speak to Richard Bamford again to organise training.

The next Parish Council Meeting will be held on Wednesday 13th December 2017, 7.30pm.