Minutes for September 2017


Present: D Barlow (DB, Chair), M Baverstock (MB), P Briscoe (PB), P Dennis (PD), S Emery (SE), E Lewis (EL), C Sully (CS) and B Wells (BW).

In Attendance: R Carter (District Cllrs, in part) and 5 parishioners.

Parishioners in attendance sought clarification over the proposed Highway Improvement Scheme and, specifically, the proposed double yellow lines at the top of the High Street near the junction with Bath Road. The Chair explained that there is some congestion at the top of the High Street and that the council had received complaints from concerned parents that crossing the road between parked cars was dangerous. Chair read an email received from Highways consulting on proposed the double-yellow lines on the south and northbound sides, and the proposal for a path on the northbound pavement with associated crossing further down the High Street. There is also a proposal to make the southbound corner sharper in order to slow down traffic; these proposals result from a Safety Audit carried out at the location.

Parishioners expressed the following concerns:
The double yellow lines would not prevent parents parking on the lines during the drop off times.
The length of the proposed lines was surprising and would likely push the congestion problem further up the High Street, not solve it.
It would remove parking facilities from outside residents houses and devalue their properties (where no onsite parking or garages are present)
Although the road is narrow, it hasn’t stopped all kinds of vehicles travelling through the High Street during the works on the A37 and the diversion through the village.
Should be looking at the bigger picture to incorporate traffic calming measures, especially outside the school. Perhaps a 20mph zone (the chair confirmed that Somerset Highways did not implement 20mph zones any longer).

Following a discussion, it was agreed to respond to Highways as follows:-
Yes to double yellow lines on the wall side only (northbound) which would keep the road wide enough for the buses and other large vehicles.
Northbound lines up to the end of the wall only with a shorter pavement; and crossing moved a bit more up towards the junction.
No double yellow lines southbound, maybe just on the corner.
Make the southbound bend sharper to slow down speed and prevent parking.
School parents and children should be encouraged to park further away from the school and walk.

Chair thanked the parishioners present for their input.
Parishioners left the meeting.

Apologies were received from R Battagel (RB) and D Thorley (DT).  D Gilson (DG) was not present.  R Carter presented apologies on behalf of M Pullen (County Cllr).

No interest was declared, nor requests for dispensations made.

The minutes of the meeting held on 12th July 2017 were agreed to be a true and accurate record of the meeting held, with the following amendments:-     John Carter was present, not Rachel.

MATTERS ARISING FROM PREVIOUS MINUTES (where not dealt with later)
(204/17) Safety in Gurney Slade – Clerk circulated update from Richard. It was agreed to put on the agenda for next month. SV to contact Mike Pullen to invite him to attend the meeting to discuss this matter which he seems to be involved in.

(206/17) Land around telephone exchange – Clerk took a picture of the proposed area to be registered. PB agreed to ask DG how to go about registering the land, and if there are contacts.

(208/17) Introduction of Public Place Protection Orders – Clerk to find out how the policy will affect rural villages and how will it be implement in these areas.

R Carter (District Cllr) reported as follows:-
Parish Forum on 26/09 at 6.30pm at Mendip offices. Rachel recommended that the council attends.
Traffic in the village during the A37 closure; Rachel recommended to keep an eye on damage to the roads made during the diversion as Highways would have to repair these.
She has reported all concerns received during the diversion period to Highways who have come to the village to assess.
SE spoke to Highways regarding large lorries using Pound Lane, which is in very poor condition, and speeding. Parish Council needs to report speed problems to the police.
The road is also getting narrower and narrower due to recent year’s cut backs and lack of streaming. It is such that cars cannot pass pedestrians who may be on the road.
The owners of the campsite could signpost and advise their visitors of the best route to take.

The Defibrillator has now been installed. The Chairman has completed a checklist upon completion of installation, which needs to be done fortnightly. An annual check should also be done for electrics.

Heartsafe have been notified of the installation and will in turn notify the emergency services. Richard Bamford to be contacted for training.

Temporary road closure of A37 and traffic impact to parish – Discussed above.
Parking / Yellow lines at the top of junction of High St. / Bath road – Discussed above.

Updates on previous applications:-
Application 2016/0112/FUL; New House as amended by revised drawings and additional supporting information; Goodrest Cottage, Neighbourne Lane, Oakhill – Appeal Status unknown.
Application 2017/0857/FUL; Mendip Golf Club, Gurney Slade; Proposed alterations to the layout of holes 17 & 18; and provision of new practice ground – Approved w/c.
Appeal Notification 2016/3125/FUL; Gales Farm, Old Frome Road to Underhill, Gurney Slade; Convert and part rebuild stone barn to create holiday let – Approved w/c although appealing against one condition. Appeal outstanding.
Planning Application 2017/0886/LBC; The Round House, Little London, Oakhill; Replacement Fireplace – Refused, appeal lodged.
Planning Application 2017/1233/FUL; Land adj. to Hill House, Nettlebridge; Change of use of two agricultural barns to one residential dwelling – Awaiting decision.
Planning Application 2017/1562/TCA; Oakhill Manor, Zion Hill, Oakhill – Awaiting decision.
Planning Application 2017/1568/TPO; Oakhill Manor, Zion Hill, Oakhill – Awaiting decision.
Planning Application 2017/1720/HSE; Beechwood, Bath Road, Oakhill – Demolition of existing outbuilding and new rear extension – Approved w/c.
Planning Application 2017/1624/HSE; The Old Police House, Little London, Oakhill – Demolition of existing two storey extension and conservatory, erection of new two storey extension and conservation – Approved w/c.

2017/0821/OTS; Rock House, Old Frome Road to Underhill, Gurney Slade; Outline planning application for the erection of two detached dwellings and garaging and formation of vehicular access – Appeal against refusal of permission – MB proposed (PB seconded, unanimously agreed) to reiterate the Council’s position when the application was submitted earlier in the year. Clerk to check with MDC why the Parish comments were not recorded.

2017/0848/FUL; The White House, Old Frome Road to Underhill, Gurney Slade; Change of use from B8 Storage to B1(a) office to convert existing storage warehouse into offices with new mezzanine level and combined circulation core – SE proposed to recommend approval, BW seconded (unanimously agreed). The changes do not affect the outside appearance.

2017/2012/HSE; Withybrook Barn, Bath Road, Oakhill; Oak framed garage / carport and new driveway – Resident in attendance explained the plans and the Council reviewed same. PD recommended approvals and PB seconded, unanimously agreed.   There were no comments or objections from neighbours.   The resident left the meeting. 

Financial Statement – Financial statement to 12th September 2017 was agreed.

The following invoices were agreed and cheques signed:-

798   S Vaillant; Clerk’s Net Salary & Expenses £320.72
799   HMRC £60.20
800   C Sully (Chew Valley Trees, supports for jubilee trees) £24.34
801   P Bridges (Installation of Defibrillator) £276.00

Cheque received from Estate of Mr. E Davis – Mr Davis’ wish was for the donation to go to the War Memorial. It was unanimously agreed to add this to the fund set aside to buy hooks to hang poppy wreaths. Clerk to set up column on balance sheet.

BW mentioned poor road conditions where sides of drop off sharply.
SE mentioned that Hedge of Harridge House needs cutting back (Bath road, opposite Withybrook barn). Clerk to write a letter.
CS mentioned that the Leylandy behind Pooh Corner needed cutting back. Clerk to write a letter.

PCSO – Chair advised that the PCSO had changed due to Nikki changing beat. Clerk to circulate the email with details of new beat person.

Footpaths – The footpath by the garage is completely blocked. Lizzie to contact the footpath officer.
Path opposite PO in Gurney Slade (narrow path from the back of the cottages, behind The George) - Parishioner not able to negotiate the path on a mobility scooter due to staggered gates. Chair has notified the County council but has not had a response. Lizzie will contact Footpath officer.
Footpath on Lime Kiln Lane is full of Japanese knotweed. Lizzie to enquire with MDC who can cut this back/or treat.

School – SE suggested to organise a meeting with the school (DB to join) to speak to them about a walking bus in order to help with children safety.

Village Hall / Speedwatch / SALC – No report.

The next Parish Council Meeting will be held on Wednesday 11th October 2017, 7.30pm.
EL and PD presented their apologies for the October meeting.