Priddy Circles

Priddy Circles

Another of our nearby ancient monuments.  The Priddy Circles are a series of four Stone Circles or Henge monuments near the village of Priddy on the Mendip Hills, Somerset.  Each circle is approximately 160m in diameter.   Three of the circles are closely spaced in a nearly straight line, while the fourth is some 350m to the north and somewhat out of line with the other three.

They appear to be contemporary with Stonehenge, i.e. Neolithic circa 2500 BC - 2180 BC.   The North Hill location of two round barrow cemeteries, Ashen Hill and Priddy Nine-Barrows which are neighbours of the Circles, would seem to imply that the area to the northeast of Priddy held ritual significance into the Bronze Age.

The four Priddy Circles each consist of a bank and ditch enclosing a flat circular area with more than one entrance.  Excavations carried out between 1956 and 1959 by members of the University of Bristol Spelæological Society showed that the banks had stone cores with post and stake holes on either side.  Geophysical surveys in 1995 and a magnetometer survey in 2006 are exploring further the make up of the circles.


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