Minutes for September 2010

Ashwick Parish Council

Minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday 8th September 2010, 7.30pm in Oakhill village hall.

Those present: in the Chair: Mr P Briscoe, Mr P Dennis, Mr B Wells, Mr D Barlow, Mr D Gilson, Mr K Matlin, Mr C Sully, Mrs E Lewis, Mr P Langmaid.

Also in attendance: Mr G Halfhide, Mr S Priscott and Mr H Siggs

The meeting commenced at 7.30pm

82/10 Apologies:  Mr D. Perkins

83/10 Declarations of interest:  Mr Briscoe personal interest in Good Companions

84/10 Minutes of the previous meeting held on 14th July 2010: were signed as a true record

Matters arising:  hedge clippings on Bristol Road: Clerk to call Highways for advice

Matters for decision

85/10 Finance: Auditor’s invoice approved and signed

86/10 Finance: F.White’s final salary claim approved and signed

87/10 Finance: Good Companions request for grant approved and signed

88/10 Finance: Transfer of funds to Treasurer’s account it was decided that this was not necessary at present.  Clerk to find out how to do this in future

89/10 The Pound: Mr Gilson to speak to Percy Lambert regarding the unreturned plans and to ask him to sign the copies of the declaration.  Clerk to ask Felicity also re lost plans.  Clerk to write to the gardening club to ask if they would take on maintenance of the Pound. 

Mr G.Halfhide and Mr Stephen Priscott arrived at 8pm.  Mr Halfhide reported on budgetary and administrative matters affecting all councils and introduced Mr Priscott who is a Conservative candidate for the Councillor replacement for Maxine Oxford in the forthcoming by-elections. They left the meeting at 8.20pm

90/10 Footpaths, Fox Cottage: Mr Langmaid updated the Council upon a possible planning infringement reported to him anonymously regarding the stabling perhaps extending beyond permission and the manege crossing a footpath.  Clerk to contact footpaths officer about it. Clerk to contact MDC re more details regarding planning.

Mr H Siggs arrived at 8.35pm and reported on general government issues and the knock on effect to local councils. He left at 8.53pm

91/10 Standing Orders working party:  it was agreed to adopt them without change by majority.

92/10 Clerk’s contract and monthly pay via standing order:  Mr Briscoe and the Clerk to discuss finer points of the contract.  Monthly pay was agreed unanimously along with paying the Clerk by standing order, Clerk to establish the process for this.

93/10 Galley Batch/Laundry Lane bench:  Clerk to find out some prices for a new bench, it was agreed to replace the bench ourselves rather than claim on the insurance.   The existing bench needs to be removed ASAP as it is dangerous; Mr Briscoe and Mr Wells will arrange to remove it.

94/10 Precept capping Mr Briscoe replied on behalf of the Council and the Council felt that this was sufficient.

95/10 Value of Felicity’s computer: It was approved that the Council would ask Felicity for £120 for the computer, Clerk to contact Felicity.

96/10 Payphone Clerk reported and updated council on progress re adoption.  Mr Wells offered to pass on the maintenance booklet to Miss S Emery

Matters of report:

97/10 VAT claim Clerk reported that it had been sent off but that the cheque had not yet been received

98/10 Stone and quarrying paper Mr Dennis reported that there is nothing for anyone to worry about regarding opening small local dormant quarries.

99/10 Planning feedback Clerk reported on various decisions by MDC

100/10 Quadron update Clerk updated the Council: all invoices are paid up to date

101/10 Kingscombe Clerk reported that currently there is nothing of significance dumped there

102/10 Speed monitoring data Mr Briscoe reported that the temporary speed monitors appear to be effective.

103/10 Community safety survey Clerk handed out surveys from SCC to the Council for completion.

104/10 High Street speeding Clerk reported that she had been in contact with Highways regarding speeding and that they had advised her to contact the police or community speed watch.

105/10 SALC AGM 25th September Clerk reported that this was taking place and she was going to attend:  the Council is happy with this.

Any other matters of report arising:

The Clerk handed out various magazines and a form for change of address for bank statements which was signed.

Mr Dennis has been asked where the affordable housing plot is.  Mr Sully said it was on land behind Sunnymede but there has been no further progress.

Mr Dennis asked what was happening with the tree felling at the war memorial.  It was felt that as planning has been approved; the owner therefore had several years to get the works done.

Mr Wells reported back from the winter roads meeting

Mr Wells thanked the Council on behalf of the Village Hall Committee for their grant.

Mr Barlow commented that the rubble at the old brewery is an eyesore and has been in place for a long time, Clerk to write to Kevin Newton to ask if it could be removed and to repair the fences surrounding the property.

105/10 Date of the next meeting: Wednesday 13th October 2010, 7.30pm.

Meeting closed at 10.08pm