The Yarn Market, Dunster

The Yarn Market, Dunster

The Yarn Market in Dunster, Somerset, England was built around 1590 and has been desinated as a Grade I listed building and scheduled ancient monument.

The octagonal structure has a central stone pier which supports a heavy timber framework which carries a slate roof with central wooden lantern surmounted by a weather vane.

Dunster Yarn Market.   photo by Herbethyme

Dunster had become a centre for woollen and clothing production by the 13th century, with the market dating back to at least 1222, and a particular kind of kersey or broadcloth became known as 'Dunsters'.  Around 1590 George Luttrell, of the Luttrell family constructed the market to shelter traders and their wares from the rain.

One of the roof beams has a hole in it, a result of cannon fire in the Civil War, when Dunster Castle was a besieged Royalist stronghold for five months under the command of Colonel Wyndham.  Following the damage, it was restored in 1647 to its present condition.

Dunster Yarn Market from the south, showing Lutterells Arms public house.  photo: Rod ward

It is now managed by the National Trust.