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The Ashwick & Oakhill Village Hall and Recreation Ground (to give it its full title) is located in Oakhill itself at the top of Zion Hill, on the right. The site was bequeathed by the Sherston family, to be held in Trust for the leisure and recreational benefit of the local community. The Custodian Trustees are the Parish Council, whilst the Managing Trustees are the Village Hall Committee, who manage and oversee the general running and operation of the Village Hall and grounds.

The current Village Hall opened in 1986, some 30 years ago. Much credit must go to Bryan Wells, friends and neighbours for their foresight and drive in its design and construction. The Community owes them a great debt. The Hall and grounds have been well used over the years for numerous leisure activities ranging from talks to the various Clubs and Societies, the Committees that regularly meet there, plus Indoor Bowls and Table Tennis team, as well as hosting annual events such as Beer & Carols Evenings, Garden Shows, cricket and football matches, Village Fêtes and Festivals, private hire events, etc.

The Hall benefits from having a large car park, and within the grounds there are cricket and football pitches, a fenced off area for young children and a small outdoor gym area, plus a BMX track that was installed some years ago.

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Free Wifi is available in the Village Hall, courtesy of Truespeed.

The Network ID is:  Truespeed Ultra – 36KBC;

The Password is:  9W98WDCHB9WR

Address and Contact Details:

Chair: Andy North

The Recreation Ground, Zion Hill, Oakhill. BA3 5AN
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Committee/Trustee Meeting Minutes:

The Village Hall Committee (aka the Trustees) meet every month in line with its’ charity  (#249510) and holds it AGM in May as stated in its constitution.  Minutes of these meetings can be found here.


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Latest News!

Rejuvenation of the Village Hall continues . . . . .

Work continues to progress on renovating the Village Hall! Over the last 4-5 years the old gas convector heaters have been replaced by new hot water radiators and the old asbestos-laced floor tiles have been professionally removed and a new floor installed in the Main Hall and foyer.  All rooms and hallways have been redecorated, the lighting fixtures upgraded, toilet accessories renewed and new curtains fitted. New, comfortable, seating has also been purchased.

However, further to successful fundraising and grant applications we have now completed a major milestone to create the ‘Oakleaf Community Cafe’ which incorporates a new, larger, modern kitchen and comfortable seating area in place of the old garage, adjacent storeroom and changing room.  With new access to the rear hallway and on to the toilet area this has dramatically opened the layout of the building.  We are also planning to create a local history archive and display area to house all the precious documents and artefacts that have been gathered by the local history group over many years.  All of these improvements will enable a wider use of the facility by more people at the same time without disrupting each other when moving between areas.

Longer term proposals include upgrading and extending the building for externally accessible changing rooms.  The outside leisure facilities are also being reviewed with a view to upgrading the old BMX track and installing additional leisure/exercise equipment that will appeal to multiple age groups and abilities in a way that excites and encourages individuals to become more active.

The Trustees are anxious to involve the community in shaping ongoing developments. More details are, and will continue to be, included in a separate page ‘Rejuvenation Project‘ on this web site as well as via the Village Facebook pages.