*** Cancelled *** Bike Rally: 20th-21st July, 2019

Please note the below event has now been cancelled as per update on the Ashwick and Oakhill Village Hall Facebook Page.


Dear Neighbour,

It is rare that we need to consult with the community, but this is one such occasion. We would like to ask for your prompt review of the below event request at the Village Hall and Recreational field.

The Ashwick & Oakhill Village Hall Committee (AOVHC) have received a request from the United Bikers Motorcycle Club (UBMC) to hire the Village Hall and Recreational field for a closed event from Saturday 20th July through to Sunday 21st July .

Members of the committee met with the organisers of the proposed event on Tuesday, 19th February to better understand the request and the impact it might have on the facilities and the community and to discuss potential mitigating actions. Below are the key questions and answers that were collated at this initial meeting.

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Who are the United Bikers Motorcyle Club (UBMC)?

The UBMC are a mature club of approx 75, like-minded bikers from around the UK.  The club has existed for over 40 years and is based in Highbridge, Somerset.

What is the event?

The UBMC would like to use the Village Hall facilities (Kitchen, Main Hall and Toilets) for their 50-75 members to meet on Sat 20th July and have an invite only party with a band in the Village Hall VH main hall from 9pm-midnight.  They would also like to use the Recreational field for camping for approx 50-75 tents.  They would be intending to leave by approximately midday on Sun 21st July.

Is the event open to the community?

The event is not open to the community, but the club may be open to the idea of displaying their bikes for a short period for the community to view and ask questions.

Would UBMC be using the field to ride their bikes?

Absolutely not.  They may want to park their bikes next to their tents overnight though as some cost £30,000 – £40,000.

We would like to protect certain areas of our recreational field so would need to “rope” these off – Would that be a problem?

No problem.  The club has had these events before and they respect/understand the need for local communities to look after their facilities.

Do UBMC they have security arrangements?

Yes, UB have their own security, run by members, for their events.  They have a vested interest in looking after their expensive bikes!

What would UBMC be doing for catering?  AOVHC would not allow BBQ’s or fire pits etc.

They would not be having BBQ’s etc.  The UBMC organise a catering van and may need to use the kitchen facilities.  They would take all rubbish away with them after the event back to their facility in Highbridge.

The AOVHC are keen to avoid risk of broken glass – could the event be glass-free?

This should not be a problem.  Plastic glasses or cans will be used and taken away after the event.

The recreational field is for the community and many people walk their dogs and children play throughout the day.  Would this cause a problem?

Absolutely not.  The club has had these events before and they respect/understand this is a community facility and they don’t want to cause any issues.

Does the UBMC have insurance (including 3rd Party) – Public/Personal indemnity and liability etc?  This would be needed.

No.  They have not been asked for this previously, but they are happy to investigate and purchase.

Does the UBMC have a TENS licence for the event and evening entertainment?

No – they were not aware of the need for this.  However, they are happy to investigate – Approx cost £30 so no problem.

The AOVHC would want a damage deposit (amount to be confirmed) to protect against any damage to property or clean-up post event. – Would this be a problem?

Not a problem

The AOVHC would need a Risk Assessment completed (copy provided by Sarah to Stephen). 

This is fine.  They have completed many of these previously and were expecting this.

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Do you have any strong objections or concerns?  Are there any specific questions you would like answered?  If so, please contact the committee via email at [email protected].  We will promptly review and respond to all queries within 24-48 hours.  We are aiming to give the UBMC a decision by Tuesday, 5th March.

The AOVHC believe this is a reasonable and acceptable request for the following reasons:

  • The UBMC is a mature and well managed club who are willing to flex and meet the requirements of the Village Hall Committee.
  • It is a new and interesting event for the Village to be a part of.
  • It raises funds for the Village Hall.
  • The event is for 1 day/night and valuable as a test for other similar events.

Thank you for your time and assistance in this matter

Kind regards,

Ashwick & Oakhill Village Hall Committee.