Councillors Handbook

Welcome to the Ashwick Council Members’ Handbook. This handbook has been prepared to provide information for new and current Councillors outlining their role and duties as well as providing information for the public.

Contact Information for the Parish Clerk:

Telephone: 01749 343910 Email: [email protected]


Councillors and Wards

The Councillors, their contact details can be found on the Councillor details page

The Ward Councillors are Tony Robinson and Edric Hobbs – Somerset Council Councillors

Councillors agree to work under the Councillor Code of Conduct and are guided by the Good Councillor Guides produced by NALC:

Good Councillors Guide (General), 
Good Councillors Guide Finance and Transparency, 
Good Councillors Guide Neighbourhood Planning, 
Good Councillors Guide Transport Planning, 
Good Councillors Guide Community Business, 
Good Councillors Guide Cyber Security. 
Councillors Workbook on Equality, Diversity and Inclusion
All About Local Councils – This booklet has a slightly more urban slant and while aimed at a more urban audience is still relevant as a resource to all local councils. There are two brand new case studies and the booklet gives simplified explanations about the role and work of local councils and their Councillors, explains the electoral process and provides a number of case studies highlighting the work of a selection of local councils.
It Takes All Sorts – This booklet highlights the difference you can make by representing your community on your local council. It explains the role of local councils and local Councillors and explains how you can get involved. The booklet also features the thoughts of current Councillors from around the country explaining a little about why they represent their communities


Following the lifting of Covid restrictions physical meetings will recommence in Ashwick Village Hall

Meetings are usually held every month on the second Wednesday of the Month, meetings are usually at 7.30pm


All information can be found on the Planning Applications Portal on the website for Mendip District Council

Key Documents for Councillors

Finance Documents

All financial documents can be found on the Governance, Polices and Accounts Page this includes the Annual Budget, Asset List, Annual Governance and Accountability Return and details on the Inspection of Accounts.

Information on Grants including the application form can be found on the Grants Policy.

Governance Documents

The Council’s Standing Orders, Financial Regulations and other policies can also be found on the Governance, Policies and Accounts Page

Powers and Duties

Local Councils have a wide range of powers and duties, here are the main ones, it is not a complete list of every single power and duty.