Oakhill Crossing

This page has been created to update residents on the current status of the Small Improvement Scheme in Oakhill.
A zebra crossing is proposed to be built by Highways in July 2019 to improve the safety of the school children and residents crossing the A367 to access the school, the church, the pub, the bus stop or Fosse Road. The scheme also includes an uncontrolled crossing at the top of the High Street with associated double-yellow lines, which are being contested by parishioners and residents as they will reduce the ability to park vehicles in this area.

The current plans for proposal TI004233 can be viewed here.
The plans can also be accessed via Somerset Council Council’s website Small Improvement Schemes page.

Update; Thursday 13th June 2019

Following the Parish Meeting held on Wednesday 12th June 2019 attended by over 45 parishioners and following the delivery of over 68 signed letters objecting to the double-yellow lines at the top of the High Street to Somerset Highways by County Councillor Mike Pullin, Somerset have agreed to review the scheme before going ahead.

It was clarified that it did not mean that the proposals would be stopped or amended at this stage – only that a review would be conducted. It was stressed that Highways are keen to go ahead due to concerns over the children’s safety.

Also following the meeting, the Parish Council has received an offer from the school Headteacher, Phillip Morris: If the yellow lines were put in place, he could offer secure parking during the evenings and at the weekends. Any resident affected would be given the gate code and be able to park. There are 10 spaces available, monitored by CCTV.

A similar offer of parking at the Village Hall was also suggested at the meeting.

In order to pursue this further, the Parish Council would like to hear from households directly affected by the scheme (i.e. household who will lose the ability to park outside their house in the High Street). Please email the Parish Clerk at [email protected] with your name and address in order to allow us to build a robust argument to liaise with Somerset Highways and find a solution to the current situation that would allow the creation of a safe crossing across the A367, while also addressing the parking issue for residents.

Update; Wednesday 19th June 2019

Cllr Mike Pullin has informed the Parish Council that Highways has organised a meeting to review the Oakhill Crossing scheme and associated yellow lines.  The Parish Council have written to Cllr Pullin identifying the number of residences directly affected by the yellow lines and an estimate of how many cars will be displaced by the scheme.  We have also suggested some solutions and questioned whether the uncontrolled crossing at the top of the High Street is required if there is a new pavement on the north side of the high street.

The Parish Council has asked Cllr Pullin to communicate the outcome of the Highways meeting to the Parish Council to effect a consultation process with affected residents.

Update; Monday 8th July 2019

Cllr Mike Pullin accompanied by Allyn Jones, Director of Highways, met with residents affected by the Crossing project, School representatives, Parish Councillors and parishioners.
Allyn Jones recognised the frustrations of the residents concerned about parking issues but explained how the process works and reported that the project has to adhere to the safety audit which will inevitably result in parking restrictions. He would not compromise on the yellow lines. A strong case was made to review speed along the stretch of road in front of the school and through the village.

He did apologise for instances where communication had been lacking.

Residents were reminded about the parking offer made by Phillip Morris for evening and weekend parking on the school site – secure with CCTV.
Other options discussed included a Resident’s parking zone.

The project will proceed.

Mike Pullin said he would continue to keep in touch with Jane and the Parish Council, and will attend the September meeting of the Parish Council for an update (Wednesday 11th September 2019).