The Role of the Parish Council

Ashwick Parish Council serves a population of around 1291 people in a parish that encompasses the village of Ashwick, Oakhill, parts of Gurney Slade, the hamlets of Benter, Neighbourne, and roughly half of Nettlebridge.

The Parish Council, which meets on a monthly basis at the village hall, is an elected, unpaid body and consists of a Chairman, Vice Chairman and 9 councillors, who employ a paid part-time Parish Clerk. The cost of works undertaken by the Parish Council is met by raising a precept; this is the amount of money that the Parish Council requests Somerset Council to raise on behalf of the Parish Council through the Council Tax.

Your Parish Council and its councillors are involved in many aspects of community life and works closely with Somerset Council in many areas such as transport, highways, community support officers and so on.  The Parish Council is consulted on and advises on, local planning applications and other planning issues, these taking up about half of the Parish council’s time.

The monthly Parish Council meetings are the forum for debating issues and formulating plans and actions – a public participation session is held before the start of each Parish Council meeting to enable all the electorate to bring forward matters of concern and interest directly to their Parish Council. The agendas for the monthly meetings are set a week before, and parishioners written or verbal requests for items to be debated are considered for inclusion. Agendas are displayed on Parish notice boards and approved minutes of meetings held are published on this web site and notice boards in the parish.

Parishioners can also raise issues through the parish clerk or through their Somerset Ward councillors.

Ashwick Parish Council represents the local community and looks after local interests; meetings are relatively informal and parishioners input is welcome.

There are several footpaths around the parish please click here for the link to Explore Somerset – rights of Way Map.

There are occasional roadworks in the area, to be kept up to date please click here for the line to One.Network