The Local History Group has, since its inception, been researching the history of the Parish leading to a number of books and pamphlets.  The following is a list of the books:

  1. Coal, Ale & Pasture – the History of Ashwick Parish, ed Penny Stokes, with Percy Lambert & Rita Miller; pp103, pub 2000 by Mendip District Council (Out of Print)
  2. Nettlebridge – a Short History, Percy Lambert pp 200 Pub 2009 by O&A Local History Group
  3. Oakhill & Ashwick – Some of our Memories & Old Photographs, Percy Lambert et al, Reprinted 2017, pp 56, Pub O&A Local History Group
  4. Ashwick Parish – Dwellings and their History in the Year 2000, Various members of O&A LHG, pp496 Pub 2004 (Out of Print)
  5. The Changing Face of Ashwick Parish, Lin Thorley et al, pp150. 1st Ed 2017, 2nd Ed 2018; Pub O&A Local History Group

Pamphlets to which the Local History Group have contributed, or been major authors are:

  1. Ashwick Design Statement, pp14, Pub 2003
  2. War Memorials of Ashwick Parish  Percy Lambert & Rita Miller
  3. Ashwick St James, Memorials & Inscriptions   Percy Lambert & Rita Miller
  4. Ashwick – List of Maps and Plans  Percy Lambert, transcribed 2014
  5. Ashwick – Some Historical Facts  Percy Lambert, transcribed 2014
  6. Oakhill Village Trail – Winter & Summer walks around the brewery hamlet of Oakhill Pub by O&A Local History Group, 2019.