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Jan 29, 2013

Request for information

The Ashwick local history group are looking for information - can you help?
Category: General
Posted by: Farmer Pete

The Oakhill & Aswick local history group are keeping a diary of changes/events that occur in the parish.

We have a large photographic/document record of the parish (you may remember the 'historic photo exhibition' staged last year by the O&A LHG that was attended by over 100 enthusiastic visitors) and would welcome information from residents regarding proposed changes to: buildings, the landscape/environment etc.

To ensure that the changes to our parish are preserved in the archives we would like to have the opportunity to record before and after photographs, copy documents etc. and without the co-operation of local residents changes may be missed or insuficiently recorded.

Also if any resident has any old photos of the parish that we can borrow to copy could they please let us know. Don't worry if you think a picture of a relative is of no value, it could be that the building they are standing in front of either has changed considerably over the years or even may no longer exist! (e.g. at the site of the Oakhill Inn carpark there were cottages that Somerset Council demolished around 40 years ago to widen the road. Also - does anyone have a photo of the Oakhill gasworks?)

If you have any information, photos or documents please contact Terry Ashton or Tony Parker, or send an email to [email protected]