Parish Design Statement / Planning Issues

Parish Design Statement

In 2002 Ashwick Parish Council commissioned a design statement to help guide future development, restoration or renovation works within the parish: this document was officially adopted by Mendip District Council in 2003 as supplementary planning guidance.

The purpose of the design statement is to help builders or developers to maintain the look and feel of the Parish and to ensure new buildings are in keeping with their surroundings.

Ashwick Design Statement

English Rural launched their new guide (Parish Councillors’ Guide to Rural Affordable Housing) aimed at local (parish and town) councillors on affordable rural housing.

Rural communities can only thrive if good quality affordable homes are available to those who live and work in rural areas. Yet, in many rural communities, affordable housing is lacking, or in some cases, absent. This is not a new problem, but one that has grown worse. Across the country, local councils have supported and been a critical partner in delivering small scale affordable rural housing developments. These have provided high-quality homes that are affordable to run.

The guide is an interactive document packed with information, case studies and short videos. Additionally, it takes you through the different options available, the stages in the development process, who the key players are, and insights on the technical matters that help make decisions. The guide will help you deliver new homes that you can be proud of, and your community thrive.

English Rural is a specialist provider of community-led, affordable rural homes established in 1991. They are one of the leading national advocates on affordable rural housing issues.

Planning Issues

Parish and Town Council Guidance Spring 2023
Planning Committee Guidance 2023

Commenting on a Planning Application

Somerset Council’s Public Access website allows you to view details of planning applications currently being considered by the Council as well as some planning history.

To follow the link for the Planning Portal at Somerset Council  Link for the Planning Portal at Somerset Council

Please be aware that comments submitted online will not be viewable by the public until the content has been checked. This may take several days due to the number of comments received so please be patient.

Any comments made in response to applications should address only the planning merits of the application.

Somerset Council will not post comments submitted anonymously. If you wish your comments to be taken into consideration you must provide your name and either a valid address or personal email address.

Somerset Council dissociates itself and reserves the right not to post comments received which it considers contains libellous, discriminatory or otherwise offensive comments. Such comments will not be taken into account in assessing planning or related applications and will be returned to the author.

Should you prefer not to make your comments online, they can be emailed to the Consultation Team via the link on the Somerset Council website. You must provide your name and either a valid address or personal email address. Please ensure you quote the application number.

Comments should not be sent directly to the Case Officer.

Comments submitted online or by email will be acknowledged and displayed online in full. Comments received by post will not be acknowledged and a summary of these comments will appear online.

You have 21 days to comment on planning applications. A decision could be made at any time after the consultation period ends so comments received after this deadline may not be taken into account.

The process described above is the process used by Somerset Council. They are the Local Planning Authority for Ashwick Parish Council.

National Planning Policy Framework – The revised National Planning Policy Framework sets out government’s planning policies for England and how these are expected to be applied.

How to Respond to Planning Applications – This booklet offers a brief introduction to the planning system and the planning application process. Its aim is to help you present your views on planning applications in your area appropriately, effectively, and to the right people. The guide offers information on how different planning applications is assessed, also providing sample letters and emails of support and objection to planning applications.

When is permission required? – sets out when planning permission is required and different types of planning permission which may be granted.

The role of the Parish Council

Parish Councils have a right to be notified of planning applications and can only comment on the planning merits of an application.
The Parish Council welcomes attendance of Residents at their meetings which are held every second Wednesday of the month apart from August.