Oakhill and Ashwick Local History Group

The Oakhill and Ashwick Local History Group has been meeting since the 1990’s. We have a wide circle of members interested in a variety of aspects of history. Some members are interested in very local history, some in more general history, and some mainly history within living memory, whilst others want to go further back and even prefer archaeology . . .  A few members are very absorbed in history but the group as a whole is by no means heavy in its approach, the social aspects being very important. We try to cater for all.
We do this by running a programme of walks, talks, visits, quizzes and social occasions throughout the year (see current programme). We also undertake projects (for example, updating the Oakhill Trail Leaflet) and prepare and publish books. Altogether the group has published six books, the latest being the second edition of ‘The Changing Face of Ashwick Parish’. In addition to all this we maintain an archive and a book collection (the latter is open to all members for browsing and short term borrowing).
Regular meetings are held throughout the year, usually on the third Wednesday of the month, at 7.30pm in the Village Hall. During winter months we generally have talks, followed by refreshments and some social time. In the summer we have guided walks and visits (varied meeting places and times). In December, our tradition is to have a ‘Christmas Frolics’ evening, at which there is no formal talk. Instead we have an activity such as skittles, plus food and drink.
Membership Fees are £12 per household annually, with a £2 fee per meeting for visitors. We are a friendly group – and if you are at all interested in history come and join us!
For more information, contact the Chairman, David Thorley,  by email at:   [email protected]