Ashwick Parish Council

The Parish Council meets in the Oakhill Village Hall at 7:30 p.m on the second Wednesday of each month (except August). Please see village notice boards and Agenda page of this website for details. Agendas are posted three clear days before the meeting.

Meetings will commence after there has been an opportunity for members of the electorate of the Parish to speak. This is usually restricted to about 15 minutes in total.

Ashwick Parish Council are looking for New Councillors, if residents come forward they will be co-opting at the next meeting on Wednesday 11th November.  Please contact the Clerk for further information, please click here to email

Parish Councillors

Mr. D Barlow (Chairman)

01749 840 007
Highways, Footpaths, SALC, Finance, Website

Ms B Battagel

01749 841 384
Defibrillator, Footpaths

Mr. P Briscoe

01749 840 852
Finance, Planning

Miss. S Emery

01749 841 531
Education, School liaison

Mr. D Gilson

01749 840 675
Historical documents, Monuments

Mrs. E Lewis (Vice chairman)

01749 840 828
War Memorial, website, Playground safety inspections, Village Litter Pick up Coordinator

Prof. A R David Thorley

01749 840 200
Village Hall, Planning, Minerals, Forestry, Farming

Mr. B Wells

01749 840 401
Highways, Recreation Field Maintenance, Finance

Mr David Hine
Julia Barrett

Parish Clerk (Locum)

Ms. Kate Egan
Clerk to the Parish Council,
Uphill Cottage
Church Street

phone:  01749 343910

Email:   [email protected]

Ward District Councillors

Joshua Burr
Tel: 01761 434420
Mobile tel: 07814 749230
email: [email protected]
link: Mendip District Council

Sam Phripp
Mobile Tel: 07564 737912
email: [email protected]
link: Mendip District Council

Somerset County Councillor

Mr Mike Pullin
Tel: 01749 673 665
email: [email protected]
link: Somerset County Concil