Parish Council Agendas


Agenda for 6th December 2023
Supporting Papers: Contribution towards Community Governance, Devolution Letter, Map of Assets owned by Somerset Council, Minutes 25th October 2023, Reappointment of Ideverde

Agenda for 25th October 2023
Supporting Papers: Design Statement Working Party, Draft Budget for 2024-2025, Engagement paper- Ashwick Parish design statement, Minutes 13th September 2023, Notes on the Budget, Quarterly Review July – Sept

Agenda for 13th September 2023
Supporting Papers: Community Review Project, Complying with the biodiversity duty, Minutes 12th July 2023, Pictures of damaged bench, Possible dates for 2023-2024, Quote for repair to bench, Quote for repair to Fingerpost, Repair, possible replacement of damaged bench, Understanding biodiversity net gain

Agenda for 12th July 2023
Supporting Papers: Community Funded 20mph speed limitsGrant application from the Phoenix Magazine redactedGrant application from village festival redactedGrants available from SALC, Health and Safety Policy 2023, Minutes 10th May 2023, Minutes 14th June 2023, Minutes Annual Council Meeting 10th May 2023, Quarterly Budget Review, Repair to Bench on Pound Lane

Agenda for 14th June 2023
Supporting Papers: Grant application from village festival redactedHealth and Safety Policy 2023Minutes 10th May 2023Minutes Annual Council Meeting 10th May 2023Repair to Bench on Pound Lane

Agenda for 10th May 2023
Supporting Papers: Minutes 12th April 2023

Agenda for Annual Council Meeting 10th May 2023

Agenda for 12th April 2023
Supporting Papers: End of Year Review, Grant application from village hall – redactedMinutes 8th March 2023
Appeal Hearing for Chapelfield

Agenda for 8th March 2023
Supporting Papers: Asset ListMinutes 8th February 2023

Agenda for 8th February 2023
Supporting Papers: Minutes 11th January 2023Minutes 25th January 2023, Quote for Highways Report to help with the Appeal, Report on stage two for the appeal

Agenda for 25th January 2023
Supporting Papers: Report on the Appeal Hearing

Agenda for 11th January 2023
Supporting Papers: Galley Batch, Little London and Fosse Road, Oakhill, Shepton Mallet – Extension to existing 30 mph speed limit – Plan 1 of 2 Galley Batch, Little London and Fosse Road, Oakhill, Shepton Mallet -Extension to existing 30 mph speed limit – Plan 2 of 2 Minutes 14th December 2022 Quarterly Review Terms of Reference for Steering Group


Agenda for 14th December 2022
Supporting Papers: Civility and Respect Project, Minutes 9th November 2022, Proposed Budget 2023-2024

Agenda for 9th November 2022
Supporting Papers: Draft Supplementary Planning Document for GreenspacesMinutes 12th October 2022,  Oakhill Open SpacesOpen Space ScheduleProposed budget for 2023-2024Quote from Idverde for 23-24Response form for the GreenspacesSomerset Emergency Community Contacts

Agenda for 12th October 2022
Supporting Papers: Examples of logos from David HineExamples of Plaques for TreesMinutes 13th July 2022Prices for Outdoor Wooden TablesQuarterly Budget reviewQuotes for Internal AuditorsSelection of LogosUpdate on the Auto Speed Watch Device as discussed at the last meeting

Agenda for 13th July 2022
Supporting Papers: Minutes 8th June 2022Notes on the Process for obtaining speed indicator devicesPrices for Replacement TablesQuarterly Bank ReconciliationQuarterly Budget Review

Agenda for 8th June 2022
Supporting Papers: Grant application for Oakhill Village Festival redactedMinutes 11th May 2022Minutes Annual Council Meeting 11th May 2022

Agenda for 11th May 2022
Supporting Papers: Minutes 13th April 2022Possible cooperation with Doulting Parish CouncilUpdate on Purchase of an Oak Tree

Agenda for Annual Council Meeting 11th May 2022
Supporting Papers: Annual Risk AssessmentAsset ListCode of Conduct,  Community Engagement PolicyComplaints PolicyData Protection PolicyDates of MeetingsDispensation PolicyDispensation Request FormEmail Privacy PolicyFinancial RegulationsFreedom of Information PolicyGrant PolicyHealth and Safety PolicyPolicy on the use of AmanuensesPublic Participation PolicyPublication SchemeSocial Media PolicyStanding OrdersVolunteer Policy
Papers for approving the AGAR: Accounting StatementsAGAR Internal ReportAnnual GovernanceCertificate of ExcemptionInternal Auditor Additional NotesReport Page 1Report Page 2Report Page 3

Agenda for Annual Parish Meeting 11th May 2022

Agenda for 13th April 2022
Supporting Papers: Minutes 9th March 2022Yearly review of figures

Agenda for 9th March 2022
Supporting Papers: Grant Application from the Citizens AdviceLetter sent regarding the Bus Recovery Grant FundingMinutes 17th January 2022Satistics for Citizens Advice

Supporting Papers: Minutes 8th December 2021