Archaeological Reports

A Bronze Age Burial and Barrow on Beacon Hill, Mendip: Excavations and Analysis 2007-8 by Peter Leach. Originally published in Somerset Archaeological and Natural History Society Proceedings Volume 156 – 2013.

A 22 page archaeological report is available here as an optical scan to .pdf file. The author is Mark Corney, assisted by Peter Leach and Richard Tabor. Its title is “Beacon Hill Woods, An Archaeological Survey, 2002-2003″

This report is associated with 5 figures in a single .pdf file (Archaeological Survey Figures 2003 ) (1453kb).

Full report, by Wessex Archaeology Ltd, on the contents of the bronze age urn found in 2007 and sectional drawing of the urn.

Radiocarbon dating analysis reports on the contents of the urn and charcoal heather.

Report on the pollen analysis of soil materials recovered during excavation.

Report on the plant macro remains and wood charcoal.

Palaeoenvironmental reconstruction for a Bronze Age barrow at Beacon Hill, Mendip, based on pollen evidence.